Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

Can you say cute?? Cali and I had our kids in matching ghost onsies today and the pumpkin hats that my friend in the ward crocheted for the we took a couple of shots. Disclaimer...we had 10 minutes before my ward party to take was 6 pm so the lighting was horrible and fiona hadn't eaten in a while.

Top Henry, bottom Fiona.

Fiona crying. She kept trying to nurse off of Henry's leg.

Henry sleeping peacefully and Fiona's Chicken legs. Baby legs are the best ever.

Twin cousins. Henry top, Fiona bottom.

Oliver before he left to school this morning.

When did my kids get so old?? Oliver making a scary face.

Carolina and Rob at Oliver's Halloween parade. CC is trying to make a cute face and Rob is trying to make a scary face...I love that his eyes are all the way rolled back in his head. Plus he has his arm around CC...cute.

Oliver was the last one in his class to come through...that is so Oliver.

After school we went with Cali and her FIVE kids to see Cort and Joe at work. The kids went from office to office and got a ton of candy. It was fun to see our husbands. Crazy picture but the first of my 4 boys.

Then it was on to the ward party. It was short and sweet. Everyone ooohh'd and ahhh'd over baby Henry (I can't stop calling him Henny...hmmm), and the boys got quite a bit of candy so I say it was a hit. SO the above picture is obviously a family Oliver's friend from school. I didn't have the heart to tell him to get out of the picture. hahaa.

Henry loves to be carried in the sling. I don't typically believe in carrying around a baby all day but this morning I was trying desperately to do oliver's face makeup for school and baby was crying and I strapped him on and he was pleasant as a peach after that. So it does come in handy in a bind.
Rob adores "henny" and is surprisingly gentle with him.


Supercords said...

Great costumes. Oh, and holy chicken legs. Looks like an old granny.

Samantha said...

Those baby twin pictures are adorable. I wish I lived by you when my kids were babies because I don't even have cute pictures like that! I love all of the halloween costumes.

Angelique said...

The last picture is really sweet.

Oliver's scary face really freaks me out. ha. I'm such a wimp.

And you look great in that the picture of you taking a picture.

KAMBRIA and MATT said...

Congrats! I am catching up on blogs (which seems to only happen when Matt is working the night shift). Your little Henry is so adorable. I love the yawning picture. I am glad it all went well for you.

Cassidy said...

Oh my goodness. So stinking cute!! love the twin cousin pictures. Awesome costumes for the boys.

Earl Family said...

Those babies are adorable. I feel so sad I have not had the chance to meet them yet. I can't wait until we are germ free again.

Awesome costumes everyone!

bBchronicles said...

Cute, cute, cute post. Those two babies look like little twins! Just wonna grab those 'baby-legs'! Oli looks foreboding but very cool - and R.O.B. is pretty ghostly! CC=adorable. I wish I had those cuties knocking on my door for Halloween! Great post!

Sherry Ward said...

That picture of the two cousins is soooo freakin cute!! I'm totally jelous that I couldn't convince any of my sisters to get prego with me! It was great seeing you at the trunk or treat. I LOVED your card by the way, made me cry inside-thanks!

Cindy said...

You could publish those pics of the babies in the basket and make greeting cards out of them! So precious. And they really do look like twins. Why is it the other boys look so grown up all of a sudden?????

Christensen's said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the outfits for my kids you are awesome! I will bring them back soon. I have a cold so I will try and stay away for a couple of days. :(

angie said...

those baby pictures are freakin' cutest ever!

your kids can do the scariest faces!

you look soooo good in that mirror picture, I kind of want to hate you. :)

Camille said...

I just can't stand to look at your blog. It makes me so baby hungry! EEEaaaks! They are so cute.
Love your boys' costumes.

AJ said...

How awesome that you get to live by each other and do so much together. The kids looked great in their costumes and you look fabulous.