Sunday, October 18, 2009

The birth

I have been meaning to post about the details of the birth all week. But...hmm...I guess I have been busy doing other things. hahaa. My kids and husband are now at church, and baby is asleep so I guess now is the time.

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 a.m. Cali had spent the night in the hospital throwing up non stop. My mom was there with her until 5:00 a.m. Cali and I called each other throughout the morning she was super anxious for updates. She was so sick and still was totally hooked up to all of her medicines, by IV. Everyone that came into her room the whole day she just begged them to be ready to go by the time I had the baby.

I got all hooked up and ready to go. The doctor came in and broke my water at 8:50. YEOUCHHH that hurt. I forgot about that. Cortney almost passed out seeing me in pain. He turned green and had to sit down. It's funny because he can watch the birth no problem. He just doesn't like the painful once I get my epidural he is fine. Once my water was broken I was started on pitocin and we waited for the epidural man to come.

My epidural was awesome. The best I have had so far. After it was in place I was so relaxed and just snoozed on and off. I wasn't all the way asleep because I could feel when I was having a contraction but I was having weird dreams. Does that make sense?? Anyways at 12:38 my nurse, Sherry (who was also Cali's nurse the day she awesome right??) came in and checked me and I was only at 5 cm's. I closed my eyes and 15 minutes later the nurse came in and said "your baby is talking (meaning the heart rate was going down)...lets see what's going on". She checked me and I was fully dilated. She actually said "oh hi baby" when she went to check. Is this gross??...oh well this is my only place to record what happened. It was crazy how fast I progressed. I called my mom and she drove over from my house (I live across the street from the was very convenient). The nurse sent someone to get all of the doctors, and Cali and she told me to lay on my side and keep my legs closed. hahaa.

Once everyone was in the room I pushed through two contractions and the baby was out at 1:04 p.m. He did have his cord wrapped around his neck...scary. The nurse had told me earlier in the day she suspected his cord was wrapped around his neck by the way his heart was beating during a contraction. That stressed me out but I tried to stay calm. Turns out she was right and he came out much paler then my other kids. It took a second for him to cry but every was fine. I was so happy to see him healthy and all accounted for. I was really stressed about that part of it because I was on medications this pregnancy. I just didn't want that to have any effect on him.

Cali coming in...she has a barf bag in her hand. She barely made it 20 minutes the whole time she was in the hospital without throwing up. I was so happy to see her.

She has a jolly rancher in her cheek...that is what the bump is. This is right before I started pushing.

My mom tried like 20 times to get a picture of Cortney with the baby. This was the best of the bunch. offense mom. Cortney's camera is hard to use...

So they handed the camera to me...remember I was being stitched up at this point. In fact the white blur on the side is my leg in the stirrup. At least it is in focus and the babies whole head is in the picture.

Baby Henry Ephraim Boice...6 lbs 4 oz 20 inches.
He is named after Cortney's great great grandfather Ephraim Hanks and my Great great great, Henry Sylvester Earl. Cortney's middle name is also Ephraim.

Someday we might call this little guy Hank. Especially if he is a big bully like Rob. hahaa.

Here is a horrible picture of my kids seeing the baby through the window. You can't really see what is going on but it is something I need to remember. My dad is in there with me (please excuse my hospital least I am holding it closed). hahaa

Grandma Jones seeing the baby for the first time. She gets so worried. I think having two granddaughters in the hospital at once just about put her over the edge with worry.

It really was the best delivery. So easy. My best so far, that is for sure. My parents watched my children while I was in the hospital and I am so grateful for them. That is a stressful thing having someone to watch your kids for you. I was alone in the hospital a lot and that was too lonely for me. Even just having Cali down the hall helped. I missed her so much once I was on my own. I am someone that likes having someone with them. I have always had whole life. I don't do alone really. I am glad to be back home. My kids are over the moon. I will post more later...but for now nap time.


shelly said...

Congratulations to you all!!!

The Kraus House said...

Congratulations you guys he is a cutie, I am so glad it is all over for you Ash!! Hope all continues to ge well.
much luv

The Kraus House said...

Congratulations you guys he is a cutie, I am so glad it is all over for you Ash!! Hope all continues to ge well.
much luv

Earl Family said...

Oh Ash. I can hardly wait to meet this little guy. I am coming over the second my kids are germ free. Trust me. You do NOT want us to share. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Supercords said...

I love that you shot photos and continued posting blogs during the delivery.

Great shot of Grandma J and the baby.

Peggy Dee said...

We are so happy for you. We wish you all the best in your post-partum activities! May you be blessed with a baby who sleeps a lot and cries a little!!

angie said...

i love your telling of stories ash.
glad everything good, can't wait to meet him.

Corinne said...

Ashley, that's great! I am so excited for you, and I love the name Henry.

HEATHER D said...

I know all about the crying thing. I can go years and all of the sudden......WAAAAAAAAA! You guys sound so great. Can't wait to see little Henry. Man, if my pregnacy were half that easy I might suggest another one. Way to go.

Schroeder said...

Congrats from Josh and Kate!