Saturday, October 17, 2009

i'm a little...emotional.

I don't know what it is about having a baby if it is all of the hormones...or the lack of sleep, or the hurt body, or having a puffy stomach, or not being pregnant anymore, or what but everytime I have a baby I get emotional for a couple of days after it is born.

Last time on the day when my mom left to back to washington I cried for 24 hours straight. I couldn't even explain why. I couldn't stop...but then I did I didn't cry another tear for 4 years. Yep...I haven't cried since Robbie was born. I am an ice tears here.

Then yesterday my neighbor yelled at me (I have a crazy old neighbor...he is usually really nice...but definitely crazy) because Cortney was taking too long to mow the lawn. I came inside after and started crying...yes crying. I couldn't believe it. I keep feeling sad and can't explain it. I miss Cali I haven't seen her since Wednesday.

It is funny to feel the same way every pregnancy. But it helps me laugh about it and know that any minute I will feel normal again.


Angelique said...

Ugh. That is the hardest part for me...being super emotional and wanting to cry about everything. But it does help to know that it does get normal again.

And what a grumpy old man. Sheesh.

{natalie} said...

i have been thinking of you. and i saw cort today right after i helped another man named cortney. it was really weird. the pictures are adorable, i'm glad you are home and doing well. i hope the crying goes away soon.

Samantha said...

Ash- REAL tears? I'd say that's a step forward, no? I hope you start feeling better soon.

AJ said...

Hang in there Ash this too shall pass!

Myca said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. When I had Boston I cried for days right after he was born....for no reason! I just felt really sad and emotional...weird. I hope you get to feeling better.