Friday, November 13, 2009

Robbie's birthday

So I just haven't had the time (or energy) to blog.

Henry is 4 weeks old now. He is awesome. Two days ago he started seeing actually seeing them. It is funny because I told Cali Henry all of the sudden could see things and she said "yeah Fiona started seeing things yesterday". Babies really all do the same thing. Haahaa

I was on a 10 day course of was about 5 days in when I realized that Henry had not slept in the night for 5 nights. It was horrible. Sure enough though now that I am off the medicine he is sleeping pretty good. He usually sleeps from midnight until 4 and then up again at 7:30 or 8. Not great but not bad.

Robbies birthday was on Wednesday, but I had Young Women in Excellence at the church that Monday during the day I decided we would celebrate his birthday Monday. He was A DIVA on his birthday so it was good to get it over with.

Last minute mini cupcakes from target. He wanted a Jello poke cake but there wasn't enough time by the time I decided it was his birthday. He still thought these were great.

Opening presents. He loves presents.
He doesn't love SHARING.

Pet frogs!!! Yay! Cali's kids couldn't believe we got a pet. (if you can call them that...they are more like a living paper weight) These frogs are fed 4 tinsy pellets a week and you don't have to change the water or clean the tank. My kind of pet.

Rob was in disbelief.

For his birthday Rob REALLY wanted to be like Oli and go to the MAYAN. He calls it the Indiana Jones Restaurant. So Cali and Joe and kids and Mom and Dad headed up with us. The kids had so much fun. It was pretty awesome for the adults too because all of the kids were so good and they had their own table. So we were able to have good adult conversation the whole time. Rob sat at the adult table and just concentrated on his chips con queso and his fruit smoothie. That kid loves to eat.

The day before his birthday he and Oli were being so bad and I said
"if you aren't good we won't go to the indiana jones restaurant for your birthday"
To which he responded:
"okay if we don't go to the indiana jones restaurant we have to go to Teppanayaki"

That kid is so crazy and LOVES food. So funny that that is what my 4 year old thinks about.


{natalie} said...

those pet frogs look pretty cool.

happy b-day to ROB. my kids love the mayan too. i can't believe it's been 4 weeks since henry arrived. it's flying.

Angelique said...

Has it really been a month already since those little babies were born? Sheesh, it's going by so fast.

How does Rob know about Teppanyaki? That's super funny. Happy Birthday, Rob!