Sunday, October 11, 2009

our last saturday

First to start off, Cali and her kids, and my mom and dad came by for the day on Thursday. It is Cali's cleaning day that day so they get the house all clean and leave so it can stay that way. I love it when they come over.

My mom was so exhausted from Cali's cleaning day and then coming over and helping with projects at my house that we put her right to sleep. She loves to just listen to us talk and drift in and out of dreamland.

Cali at this point was on STRICT bed rest. The high blood pressure thing is sure scary. Usually you are on bed rest to make sure the baby doesn't come early but in her case it is for her sake...scary. But she is fine and she made it. She has the baby tomorrow.

Saturday we wanted to do something fun. We had no idea what to do so we kinda just drove around. I was in a semi bad mood....I think because I knew it was my last Saturday as a free woman I felt stressed to make it count. We stopped by krispy kreme donuts and I got a delish pumpkin one. Hmmm...that sounds so good right now. My kids love that place. And I had my little camera so I could take some pictures.

I look like I am in a bad mood.

It is impossible to get a good picture of all three at once.

We stopped by the fruit stand and bought a last box of fruit of the season. Then I thought I know I'll dry some fruit, the kids love dried fruit. Let me tell you what a waste. Two days of drying for a ziplock baggie of dried fruit. I could have saved myself a lot of time and bought a 4 dollar bag at walmart. Although the house does smell divine while it is drying.

Anyways while borrowing KaeLynn's dehydrator she said I should leave the kids there for an hour and go to lunch. I jumped right on that.

Cortney and I at Macaroni grill. It was really fun for just the two of us to go out.

We finished off the day watching the BYU game at Cali and Joe's and I made the best peach cobbler ever. It was a nice Saturday. I took a really good 2 hour nap. Which is about as good as it gets for a big pregnant lady. All in all it was a good day.


bBchronicles said...

No kidding, Ash - I remember well the feeling of 'last week of semi-good sleep', last week of semi-quiet around the house, last week of 'no diapers' . . . on and on it goes. SO, enjoy this last week - but then you can look forward to sleeping GOOD when you can get it! ! ! I love to see pics of you guys - we'll see you soon.

bBchronicles said...

PS. You have my OLD blog address on your sidebar - shows I haven't posted in over 2 months ! ! ! ! haha

Hansens said...

Tuesday is Dan's birthday. So maybe now you have a name...Just kidding. Good luck with everything.

BTW- You looked really cute today. I was thinking that during Sunday school and didn't get a chance to tell you.

Sherry Ward said...

Pumkin donuts?!?! WHY haven't you told me about these?! YUM!!! BTW, you look gorgeous in that pic-not in a bad mood! See you and the baby soon! =)

Stanger Family said...

I'm so excited for you this is such a great week for your family! I love being in the hospital just after having a new baby and admiring my new little one. Enjoy the little moments soon you'll be back home taking care of all three ! Yikes how do you do Three! I'm sure you'll do great.
(look how tiny you are, I always wondered how you stayed so skinny!)
Good Luck I can't wait for pictures of a new baby!. BTW did youp ever get my email?

Angelique said...

What a fun day. I love going around and getting a treat some where. Pumpkin doughnuts sound so good to me. That might be a good FHE activity for tonight. :)