Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a blog post...what?

So, I am having a hard time coming up with something to write about. Life has been going by it seems like we do the same thing everyday.

Last week however my parents had a mission reunion for the lima Peru East Mission 1987-1990. It was crazy they had 70 some of their 107 American missionaries there. And with spouses and children we had about 300 people there. People love my parents...like really love them. I guess it shouldn't amaze me since, I love them but people came from Florida, Washington DC and New York City to spend 3 hours in a church chapel with them.

The night turned out great. I recognized tons of the missionaries...but I tell you what they didn't recognize me, I guess I look different then I did when I was 9 years old. hmmmm.

The pictures that I have for this post are horrible...but better then nothing.
My mom and dad talking to everyone.

The sisters (minus KaeLynn...she came later...and Sammy...we missed you). We all worked hard the whole time (you know refilling all the food and such, our husbands worked like crazy too). It was crazy, there were so many little kids running around. Cali and I had to be hall monitors to make sure little kids didn't bother a bishop there trying to give interviews. It wt as amazing, those kids didn't want to listen to us. Although...our kids were the loudest.

I have just been trying to get all my last minute errands done before the baby comes. Today Rob and I were out and about at lunch time and we decided to have a lunch date. We were right by Happy Sumo (which I love) and I decided to indulge myself a little and treat myself to food.

We had the best time...Rob was so cute. And thought it was so special. I just kept thinking that soon it won't be just me and him...but also baby. When you wait for so long to have another kid you can't help but be spoiled and get to do things you wouldn't usually get to do. (um does this make sense?)

Anyways, Rob loves Japanese (american) food.
So cute to see your kid eat a bowl full of Miso soup. He ate the whole thing even drinking the end. He was eating with chopsticks the whole time (even if it was just stabbing the food). I totally want spoons like these. So easy for kids to feed themselves with these things. I think I will search for some right now online.

Isn't he cute??

Tonight I made dinner and started having crazy pains, pregnancy pains of some sort. I have never gone into labor on my own and I always get an epidural right away so anytime anything happens I always wonder "is this it??". I feel fine now but only 6 more days. ( I really hope I make it...I don't want to go into labor on my own...I would love to have everything ready when the baby comes.)
Thats all...nothing exciting. But I thought posting is better then not posting.


{natalie} said...

hi ash, i keep wondering if your post will say "i had the baby!"

if you go to chao's on university ave they sell those spoons (it's an asian market)

ps you look great!

Kimmy said...

I love reading all posts...even the random ones.

Angelique said...

Ah, I always forget to post things. ie: mission reunion, oh and Guatemala trip,peru trip. I keep thinking that Justin will do it but he's so busy. I need to get on those.

Anyway, Rob is so, so adorable. I really love that little guy how he loves all kinds of food.

Allison said...

Ikea also has those spoons, or at least they did some time ago.

Good luck with Mr. baby coming! You're gonna love having three boys! I'll be thinking about you on Tuesday, and Cali on Monday of course!

Melissa B. said...

That must have been exciting! DId you cut your hair??? Or is it just the picture? You look gorgeous as always. Your sis in laws are adorable.