Monday, October 19, 2009

coming home

These were taken the day we came home from the hospital. I was so glad to be back home. Oliver kept saying..."I feel like crying tears of joy...I never knew they were real until today" He felt so emotional all day he didn't know what to do. He couldn't understand why his eyes felt like they needed to cry. Cute boy. Rob on the other hand spent the night before I got home throwing up...what a welcome home right?? I told him if he wanted to hold the baby he would need to wash his hands...he said "I won't touch the baby". He didn't really either. I thought it was because he wasn't intereseted in the baby...but I really think he was just trying to not get the baby sick. He wants to hold him all the time and uses a baby talk voice I have never heard out of his mouth before.

3 boys...I can't believe it.

The boys are so good with him.

All 4 of us.

We kind of named him Henry out of nowhere....and because of this my children can never remember what his name is. Hahaaa. Oliver keeps calling him Harry. I told him the name is Henry like a Rob just calls him Henny and says it in a high squeaky voice, and Oliver keeps calling him hen house. I just keep calling him Rob...I am never ready to call a baby by their takes me forever until I can.


Laura Lei said...

Henny...that is so cute. He is so adorable and tiny. I love it.

And your boys seem to be doing amazing with a newborn in the home. You can tell they are completely in love with their little brother.

Adri said...

I LOVE that second picture. How awesome to have three boys.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I love reading you blog and all the funny stories you post about your boys. Cute little family.

AJ said...

What a cutie. The boys seem to have taken a liking to him. You never know if you are going to get the protective brother or the one who want's all of mom's time now that she has the baby that keeps her busy. Take care!