Monday, March 12, 2012

This week...

We have been working around here on our house like crazy.  But amidst all of that we have managed to have a pretty dang good life.  

Sunday was so beautiful, after a little after church nap we HAD to take a walk.  (one of our favorite sunday activities). It was still a little chilly for baby so he got bundled up in this cutest reindeer outfit.  
 Cortney was throwing a diaper at the door when I shot this picture.  Haha. 

 Theodore hasn't been big enough to ride in the stroller yet, this was his first time.  He loved it.  WHAT A CUTIE?  Am I right?  He is such a good baby.  One of my easiest by far.  Today he woke up from the night (well he had a baba at 8:30) at 1:15 p.m.  He loves sleeping.  I think he has to try so hard to grow that he is exhausted.  

He is such a smiley baby too.  

I have said it before, Henry doesn't eat anything.  He eats nuggets for dinner, and sometimes lunch, and sometimes breakfast.  Lately he has been trying, and LIKING new foods.  It is making me so happy.  He now will eat pizza toast (which is just a piece of toast, but he thinks its Pizza), noodles, oranges, apples, bananas (he loves bananas and the first time he would try them he ate 3), pizza and corn dogs.  He will not TRY anything.  Even dessert.  

The other night we had some fresh broccoli to dip in ranch.  It is one of Robbie's favorite foods.  I couldn't believe when Henry tried it, and liked it. 
 I swear this kid looks like no one is taking care of him.  He is always in pajamas, and always has a dirty face. 

 His body didn't know what was going had never had veggies before.  Hahaa. 

I know it might seem that we don't have any other kids besides Henry, it is just that is the kid I am with all day.

Here he is riding on Oliver's skateboard (once again dirty face, and comfy he likes to call them).

 I had to include this because Oliver colored his skate with crayons...the kid is an artist I tell you.  2nd grade.  He is going to be a graphic designer someday (or he would love it if he could design skate clothes....hahaa)

We put the boys in a room together and made the other bedroom an office for Cortney.  It is working out really nice and it actually stays pretty quiet for him.  Although he has two child locks on the outside of his door so Henry can't bother him every  second.

The other day I went in to find him watching the iTunes know the one that looks like electricity or flying or something like that....The boys were mesmerized.

 (cortney mentioned to me that, that jacket is the only thing he is ever wearing on my blog...hahaa...poor boy needs some new clothes.)

Side you see the wood carving on the wall??  Well that is the tree of life stila,  we got to see it in Mexico and is pretty awesome.  This one on his wall was HAND CARVED, by his grandpa BOB ward in 1983.  We found it in his grandma's garage and knew we had to have it.  I love that Cortney has something his grandpa made (the are so much, and look so much alike). 

 All of Cortney's post it notes.  He is so organized.  
(Cortney and his friends are starting a fly fishing company that sells reels and will be called blue halo and is starting up sometime in the next couple of months...and Cortney loves him some stickers)

 Nothing makes me love this man more than a picture like this.  What a good dad. 

Poor the constant state of spit-up.  He lives his life in barf.  


Myca said...

You have the CUTEST boys Ash. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

These are such priceless pictures of the boys with their dad. And Theo is so adorable. daishan

Samantha said...

I love it when you post. And that wood carving is amazing.

bBchronicles said...

Awesome update/post Ashee-pooh! Theo is looking GREAT - you're doing a great job feeding that kid!!! Cort and the boys are awesome (priceless actually). "THAT" is NOT what Cortney's bedroom looked like so many years ago . . . just so you know (haha) - so I guess there is HOPE for ALL mother's out there who have given up on their OR lost their children in their messy bedrooms!!!!! Thanks for the good read!
Luv, MomB

{natalie} said...

my favorite line is "he lives his life in barf"

i love the pics of cort with the 3 boys. he is a good dad.

you family is awesome and i wish we saw you more.