Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4 months

Hahahaa...my friend Christy Commented that I was calling THEO, HENRY the entire post.  DOH.  I really can't tell the two apart.  We have Henry and henry 2 .  

The funniest part of this mess up is I read it twice proof reading it and didn't even notice.  (and I called Theo Henry more than once...Yikes.  Mom I guess I am minutes away from calling all my kids FRED) 

Theo had his 4 month appointment on Friday.  I can't believe it where does the time go??  It seems like only yesterday I was sick pregnant.  

I love getting my babies stats.  It is so exciting to me.  

Theo at four months

Weight 11.42 lbs     0.81% 
Height 24 inches     12.55 %
Head 16 inches        26.7 %

(Henry's 4 month stats for comparison:
weight 14.5 lbs 29.28 percentile
Height 25.25 inches 60.86 percentile)

I can't believe he isn't even in the first percentile. Such a little guy.  I thought he was huge....hahaa.  He is finally wearing 0-3 month clothes in some things but still newborn in a lot of brands.  (just not carters) He is starting to get some chub on his legs though.  

I snapped a couple of pictures this morning (because we haven't hardly taken any in the past couple of months)...to celebrate his 4 months.  

He can't really sit in the bumbo yet because his neck isn't strong enough yet so he head is slumping over in these pictures (hey if you think about his 1% body holding up that 26% head its a wonder he can lift the thing at all)

Still that same worried look he's had from birth.  

Sidenote....since Henry was tongue tied I never ever saw his tongue when he was a baby.  Fiona would always have hers out and it grossed me out.  NOw I am realizing she was normal and Henry was the weird one.  Theo always has his out a little.  

Theo is such a smiley baby.  He is just waiting for someone to look at him so he can smile.  

 He opens his mouth bigger and bigger the happier he is. 

 See the birth mark on his leg??  He has five of them on his body.  Two on that leg, one on his other knee, and two on the back of his head.  The doctor said it is unusual for him to have so many of them...so we have to watch them.  (and his milestones) I am sure they are nothing.  

Look at that thigh chub though.  So cute. 

 I heard him make a pre-barf sound so I did what I could to catch it before it went on his shirt.  (a mother's love)

Henry has had a tough week...first he got a million slivers in his hand, from falling on our neighbor's fence while playing basketball. 

This is a horrible phone picture but each cluster is like 10 slivers.  The doctor got some of the big ones out but the rest are just in there. 
(he is so tough...he didn't even cry...he only cries when he doesn't get his way...not when he is hurt.)

Then on Sunday we were leaving Joey and Cali's house and he fell down the stairs in the garage and put his teeth all the way through his lip.  Yikes. 
 The inside of his lip is way worse than the outside. 

Henry had to get in on the picture taking too....he kept saying "henry's turn".



Hansens said...

Not to point out problems, but you did what I do all of the time. The entire first part of this post you wrote Henry with Theo's stats and pics. Anyway, though you might like to know.

He is a cutie pie! Both of them

Tami said...

Oh my gosh...I LOVED all these photos. Those boys are so adorable. And to think of all those worries before Theo was born....the power of prayer....miraculous!!! Love it!!!

Cindy said...

Theo is cute! I love seeing how much Henry loves him.