Thursday, March 22, 2012

The kitchen

We finally finished our kitchen.  Pheeewww.  I am so tired of doing so many home improvements.  Our house looks amazing though.  :)

Jory came and "helped" us do a travertine backsplash.  It looks so good.  He is one talented boy.  Seriously.  We got new countertops and a new sink.  Then we re-stained the cabinets. 

We get so much good light in our house.  I love it. 

This time of the year is my favorite in my house.  It is so bright and airy. 

I never really posted after pictures of our floor.  We are loving it.  Especially in the more traffic patterns.  Yes!

I mentioned before that we got a new kitchen table.  We sanded this down then painted the table a light grey (one shade lighter than the grey on our walls).  Then we did the bench in white.  It is a HUGE table...although it is hard to tell that from this picture.  It is nice for all of us to be able to sit together, and we can even fit the dishes of food on the table (before it was so small we could only fit our own plates).

WE have been thinking for a long time about moving.  I really would like to live within walking distance to Cali's house.  I would love for my kids to have the same type of growing up experience that I had.  One where you have your cousin's at school with you.  One where there is room outside to play, and where they are able to roam around.  Cortney would love to have more is hard for this country boy to live on such a small lot. We have been looking for a while to maybe get a house in Lindon (um yeah I have been looking at houses there for more like 5 years).  One came up a little while ago and we made on offer on it.  However, we needed to sell our house first and houses in Lindon sell FAST.   The house sold.  We were pretty sad, but it made us realize that if we want to move, we have to try and sell our house.  

I have such mixed emotions about this.  We have never lived anywhere this long.  I have never felt like I belonged in a ward the way I do now.  I love my neighbors.  I love my kids teachers.  I LOVE OUR HOME.  We have made it just how we want it and it is good for us.  

I think it is time for us though.  Time to move on.  Oliver is getting older and I don't want him to have to move a lot of times growing up.  Already he will be sad to leave his friends.  Last year, that wouldn't have been an issue, so I can tell now that each year it will get harder.  

It is so difficult for me to tell people we are selling our house...or trying to sell our house.  It is embarrassing somehow.  I don't want anyone to know.  haha.  For now we are selling it ourselves but will list it on the MLS here in a little while.  

You can see a bunch of pictures of our house (For all of those that are curious)  at  

Scary huh??


khepworth said...

Wow! Good luck. Your house looks great!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! and how exciting. the kitchen turned out fab and I really want a tile backsplash of some sort. good job guys. daishan

Angie said...

this looks amazing!!

Suzie Thomas said...
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Sherry Ward said...

Man... I sure wish I was as lucky as you to have this done to my home! Jory is such a good friend to do this for you.