Thursday, March 15, 2012

funny school pictures

The schools around here do spring pictures.  I never order them because it is just another 20 bucks for pictures I don't need.  Of course I always forget it is picture day too.  I have too much on my mind to think about things like picture day.  Haha  The funny thing is they have them pose with a ladder or something.  My kids think the background is so awesome.  They sent home proofs with the order form.  I had to scan them in because they are so awesome...

 Oliver is trying to grow his hair out...I think it is because he wants to look like justin bieber but he won't admit that.  It looks crazy in this picture.  

I will say since then Cortney took all 3 of my kids to the beauty collage to get hair cuts.  UNFORTUNATELY Oliver came back looking exactly the same, except the girl kinda thinned it out so it is more floppy.  OYE.  He told me today he would get it cut.  It has been driving me nuts.  ( I actually think seeing his hair in pictures is what made him decide to cut it.  haha)

These pictures of Rob made me so happy it was almost worth spending 20 bucks on.  I love his half smile.  AND he wears this sweatsuit NON stop.  Every second.  I only let him wear it twice a week to school but he comes home and immediately puts it on after school.  ALSO he wants to sleep in it at night too...coat and all.  

In fact...he is wearing it in bed right now...I am going to go and snap a picture...

Can you believe that?  I wash the thing at least 3 times a week.  Oh well...I guess I don't care if he wears it every second.  Pick your battles right.  I really need to go pick up a couple more in other colors so he will have more options.  The weird part is he has other pants that are just like that but he doesn't think they are as comfy.  He is crazy. 


Samantha said...

For some reason every time I look at Olivers long hair it reminds me of your hair growing up. Not the length, but just the color and the texture and the way the ends look. haha. I don't know. It just reminded me of you.

Samantha said...

And I love Rob's smile. So much.