Thursday, September 01, 2011


I can't believe I left you all for a whole week having to look at what was lodged inside our toilet. Sorry about that.

Rob started kindergarten on Tuesday. HALLELUJAH. He was really excited. He ended up getting the same teacher that Oliver had for kinder, so he was really happy about that. She really is so cute and nice, she should be a good fit for Rob.

He wasn't nervous at all just excited. We decided to put him in afternoon kinder. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but then the first day came and sure enough he was still sleeping at 9:15. He is just a late riser....and so grouchy too. I think it will be way better for him in the afternoon. All it means for me is that he has to come with me to run my errands. Boo. Oh well though, maybe it will keep him from being too mean at school.

Cortney was out of town the first day and I thought he had the camera with I had to take pictures with my phone. Turns out Cortney didn't have the camera. haha.

Rob didn't want his head shaved this year.

What a cutie.
He all of the sudden is super picky about what he wears. But not in a what's cool kinda way. He just wants it to be super comfy. He doesn't like pants that are long (read he wants to wear highwaters), shorts that are too long, they itch his legs, or shirts that are too big. It has been a real chore finding something he will wear to school. (2 days in) He also is real particular about socks. It is crazy.

Henry spent the whole day saying "where's bob?"

I took him to school lunch before the school day. He loves school lunch.

Oliver and Rob after school together. Oliver has been coming home grumpy. I think it is just that he is tired...and not used to the schedule.

Rob said his first day was great. He did however say later he had to sit by himself because he was "fainting" a lot. Hahaa. Oh boy. I just hope he can be good. I know he is so smart...that isn't the issue for me...I know he will learn...I just pray he can be good.

One thing I have noticed is he is way worse in the fall when it is allergy season. He takes zyrtec (costco generic kind) and I think it makes him act crazy. Has anyone encountered things like that before??? I am going to try him on claratin today. We will see.

Now I have some random cell phone pictures I wanted to post.

My grandma Jones has been living with Cali since December. It is so fun to have her here but she is gone in Arizona right now for some Dr. appointments. We sure miss her. Henry (and of course my other boys) loves her so much. He loves to go sit by her in her chair.

Henry at Justin's house with some sweet shades and a tank suit.

We made a trip to the dinosaur museum for one of the 2 dollar tuesdays. We went an hour before closing time and didn't have to deal with crowds too much. It was really fun to get out as a family.

Horrible pictures but the only proof we were there. Henry loved the place. He ran from exhibit to exhibit.

Cali and I have been waiting ages for a cereal sale (our kids eat LOTS of cereal)...finally there was one. This is just Cali's stuff. With my stuff too we could barely fit ourselves in the car. I had to hold a bunch of groceries on my lap. It was CRAZY.

That is all.

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Cassidy said...

I'm glad my kid isn't the only one coming home a grouch. haha.