Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Labor Day

I need to post more...but I have lost all desire. I hate that I am not posting more because I love more than anything going back and knowing what we did on a specific day in 2007. I hate that I have fallen so far behind. Sam told me I need to post more. I agree. But I can't seem to get the get up and go to do anything. Anything.

On Labor day we decided that instead of sitting around the house wishing for something to do we would plan something and go do it. Ha a novel idea. It is hard here because going out on a holiday guarantees that you will spend your holiday with every other single kid in the state. We decided it was still better than sitting home.

So we decided we would take the kids to bridal veil falls. It has been FOREVER since we have stopped there. It has been so long they don't even remember the last time we went. I knew that the kids would finally be old enough to climb up to the middle part of the fall. It amazes me as our kids get older that they can actually do stuff. Rob was pretty freaked out as we got to the bottom and decided he didn't want to do it. Ha. That kid. We convinced him he would love it, and that it wasn't dangerous and he decided he would go. Henry and I stayed and walked around in the grassy area of the park. He also threw about a million rocks into the river. I thought it would take a lot longer but the boys were up and back really fast. They had a great time. Of course we don't have pictures of their climb but we have some from the park.

Henry had the time of his life. He loves his brothers and loves running wild. He falls down so much it is amazing. Cortney probably caught 15 blurry pictures of different falls that Henry had.
What a big boy...he was smiling so big the whole time.

It amazes me to watch what good friends Oliver and Hens are. They play together everyday. I hope Henry always loves him...even when he thinks he is just his OLD fogey brother that doesn't know anything.


You can just see the adoration on that little boys face.

Rob was in his element. He loves exploring outdoors. He was running up and down the little streams. Oh...and he lost another bottom tooth.

more smiles.

I am always doing funny things with my mouth. Maybe it is because it is never still. haha. Cortney said before he took this picture..."do you want me to take the back pack so you don't look so geeky?" Haha. I told him I was way beyond caring about being cool.

Henry throwing rocks. (me at 26 weeks) I am in the awkward stage of pregnancy where no maternity clothes fit and where my regular clothes are starting to get uncomfy. (I have NO BUM when I am pregnant and all pants just fall right off of me. It is crazy. I don't know where my bum goes...but I guess it is from being so sick for so long.)

I decided to take Henry's pants and shoes off and let him get in the river. I thought he would love it.
Nope too cold mom...

and out.

Oli looking cute.

In this picture Henry climbed up by me so he could get on my back so I could take him somewhere. I was refusing and he was getting mad. Haha. Funny baby loves to get on my "back, back".

We had a lovely picnic in the park (until a dog ate Henry's whole owners who don't put their dogs on leashes drive me crazy...especially since the park was filled with a million people.). It was a great day. It felt nice to actually go and do something. Afterwards Henry and I were we came home and napped. All in all a great labor day.


Samantha said...

Woot woot I got a shout out! I love the pictures of Hens and Oli. and I think it's super weird your kids are getting so old. Because hiking up that waterfall seems really old. Good job. Keep posting.

(and I'm always annoyed when I look back on my blog and I didn't mention all the stuff I did too, even when we aren't doing anything.)

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Good job on getting out of the house. We did too. Went to Copenhagen. One beautiful city. Dad D

emily said...

Ainsley calls it a "backpack" and begs for one all day long! I'm way too pregnant for that...