Friday, September 09, 2011

26 (and a half) weeks

Today I had a doctors appointment. I forgot I wasn't supposed to eat sugar because it was time for my glucose test and for breakfast I had a rice krispy treat and a couple of fruit snacks. I don't usually eat so unhealthy but this morning I was in a rush to get Oliver out the door and myself read on top of that. Whoops. The nurses said I wouldn't probably pass the glucose test so to come back another day. It made me so sad that Cali isn't pregnant because a 1 hour glucose test is way funner with your sister sitting beside you.

I could have sworn I was 28 weeks but I am only 26 and a half. So far I am having heart burn like crazy, and I can't breathe at all...Cortney said it might be because I am not in shape. Hahaa. I really think it has to do more with the heartburn. I am so tired too. Last time I was pregnant I nested like crazy the whole time. This time I want everything clean and spotless I just want someone else to do it. The baby is really active. He has just started to get the hic-cups and the other day he woke me up in the night for the first time. He never moves when Cortney tries to feel him move, and when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom he totally wakes up.

I always hate having only one bathroom when I am pregnant because I have to trek up stairs in the night multiple times. I have decided however, as I cleaned the tub yesterday, that cleaning one tub while you are pregnant is more than enough. It is just so hard to lean over my tummy and impossible for me to kneel down with my bad knees. So maybe one bathroom isn't so bad after all. I don't know how I would clean any more tubs than what I have now.

So we took some more pictures tonight...I decided to wear the same shirt and also have another one of my kids looking pretty trashy in the we could stick with a theme. Haaha.
I love that Rob is pulling a huge chunk of bubble gum out of his mouth. Little does he know it is sugar free. :)

As Cort was taking my picture our lovely neighbors rode by on their bikes. We stopped and chatted for a while.

Cute hens, and Cort. He doesn't leave Cortney's side when he is home. He LOVES him.

I can't resist how cute he looks in these so there are a lot of Henry.
I don't know what we are doing in this picture but it is funny. Rob with no shirt, Me leaning over the fence like a weirdo, Henry in size 5 shorts (poor kid...his hand-me downs aren't as nice as they once were...haha...and to think I have to dress one more boy in these clothes. The shirt he is wearing and the shorts were Tyson and Jacks before they were ours. YIKES.) Oliver showing our neighbors an old biking wound. Funny picture.

Henry is a mountain goat. He climbs things all day long. Today at the grocery store he got out of the car cart and silently climbed a huge flour display. All while I was looking at chocolate chips. He is crazy.

I know I have my eyes closed in this picture, but I know some day I won't have kids climbing all over me and I will miss it. I know that day I will love this picture.

And in case you didn't get enough one last adorable picture of Henry.

We talked outside with our neighbors until I remembered I was burning dinner inside. Oops. We had partially burned sausage with our eggs and toast (remember still no oven...I have to be pretty creative) but I thought it was still delicious. And well worth it, to have wonderful conversations outside in beautiful weather. (here is to 12.5 more weeks until this baby comes...can't wait)


cort said...

You are cute Beebs

Cindy said...

When is your due date? For some reason I keep thinking it's in October again....Why did I get it so wrong? ahaha

Samantha said...

Whoa romantic Cort.

Ash I'm so glad you are blogging because I get so bored! haha I shouldn't be though since I'm going to be moving any second. I'm surprised you haven't found a cheap oven on ksl or craigslist.

ashleyboice said..., is still too much....haha.

ashleyboice said... due date is dec 13 (way too close to Christmas for my liking). I will be induced a week early though so around the 6th is when I will actually have him. Thankfully with football and Halloween and thanksgiving the time should rush by. I love this time of year!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Ash. OH, and we just have to win today expecially since all the espn dudes have picked Texas. How dare they!

Angie said...

i love when Cort snaps the random pictures of your family. they are just so cute, and such good memories.