Tuesday, July 26, 2011

you are kidding me

How is it that I have been a parent for 8 years and am just now discovering acetaminophen (also known as Feverall but we bought generic) suppositories? TMI?? But Henry will not take medicine. He gags and gags and spits it out and cries every time. They aren't made by tylenol but are the same medicine...Cortney did have to ask the pharmacist because I was too embarrassed. We got home and used it and he thought it was no big deal. Of course I wouldn't use it on my big kids but if you have a toddler that wont take medicine, these are the bomb. Honestly I can see people wondering why in the world I would post this but I never knew such things existed. When you have a kid with 105 degree fever and he won't take medicine these really are lifesavers...and perfect for a kid that is throwing up non stop. Brilliant.

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Hansens said...

You do what you have to when they are that sick. I personally could never do it myself but I'm in the lucky phase of having mostly grown up kids now so they can do these things themselves ;-)

Hope Henry feels better soon.