Thursday, July 21, 2011


I really didn't think I would make it to Orem fest this year. First I was pretty sick, second Cali was out of town. We have NEVER missed Oremfest. Ever. My neighbor Sarah was going to go with her kids and I decided to go along. I was feeling pretty good and the weather was awesome. We went right over after having free lunch at the elementary school (holla). Unfortunately we got there an hour before anything opened up. We had some ice cream and played on the play ground while we waited for everything to open. Joey showed up at the same time so our kids got to feel like we were following our traditions. It was a great time we had close parking, no lines and good weather.
I wasn't going to let Henry go on any rides what a waste of tickets. But I let him go on this car ride then it was game over. He was kicking screaming and arching his body to go on every ride he saw. Sometimes I forget that he isn't a baby anymore. He loved the rides SO much. Here he is with our neighbor Ellie. She is almost two years older than him but he weighs more. :)

So happy.

It was nearly impossible to get pictures of this with my phone so these will have to do. Rob, CC and GG in the boats.

Hens and Oli. Henry rang the bell and had his hands in the water the whole time.

That little head poking out in the at the top is Oliver. This was the first year my kids went on the ferris wheel they loved it.

Rob, Oli, Brooklyn, Kempton, and Ellie.
We love having such great neighbors.

Kempton, Rob, and Jack...on the ferris wheel.

I really didn't want to go to the parade but I couldn't stop myself from going. It was our first time without the emigs. Boo Hoo. It ended up being a lovely evening. Some of the best weather I have seen (it is almost always raining at the parade). Our big boys went and stood on the road and Henry Cortney and I had a great time on the blanket. Everything is so much easier with one kid.

It looks pretty horrible in this picture, but Henry was just crying because I made him pose for the picture. He was actually so cute the whole time, waving at cars and dancing.

I hate this picture of me, but a firefighter came off the fire truck with that hat and walked straight over to Henry. Henry was so proud. He wore that hat for days and would cry if anyone (rob) tried to touch it.

All in all I was so glad we went. Afterwards we headed over to skippers and then headed home to see the fireworks from our drive way. (I couldn't help but remember last year at this time Cortney was REALLY hurt from his car accident and I was at the parade by myself...I think it just started hitting me then a year later, just how close I was to losing him. Yikes)

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Angie said...

well hey count me in next year! I contemplated taking Q, but we just didn't go. We did go watch the fireworks though.