Sunday, July 24, 2011

poor henners

My baby is sick. Henry...that is. The last two sundays we have taken him to the instacare. Last week he had two ear infections, so he went on 5 days of antibiotic. He seemed better but this morning he woke up and just would say non stop "ouchie, ouchie." He hasn't been eating and was burning up. Cortney took him to instacare this time and said he cried uncontrollably the whole time. He had a SUPER high fever when he got there. Scary high. They gave him some tylenol and Henry cried and dry heaved a bunch so they brought in a barf bowl and some balloon animals. I was glad it was Cortney and not me. Hahaa. Baby still had ear infections and white pustules on the back of his throat. So they prescribed 10 more days of antibiotic. Which he gags on and cries so hard every time he has to take it. only 18 more doses to go. HAHA. I feel so bad for him. It makes me so sad. He has been sick for a month. Hopefully now he will get better.

He needs a haircut SO bad. While he is sick and sweaty it is like a lions mane all the time. A rats nest.

He is such a good boy...even when he is sick he is so good. I just hope now he can start to get better.

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Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Henry get better. Dad D