Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 Lovely years

I have so much to catch up on I feel overwhelmed.

June 19th Cortney and I had our 12th anniversary. I can't believe it has been so long. I was still feeling pretty sick, but starting to get better.

Justin and Angelique had hotel points for a free room that was going to expire on the 18th and they didn't have time to use them so they said we could have them. Not only that but they would also watch our kids for us. Um...yeah it didn't take long to convince me, I was totally on board for a little alone time. We hadn't been together overnight, without our kids since we went to Guatemala when Rob was 3. Yikes.

We decided to stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City. I had never really been to park city (only to the outlets like two times)...I know...weird. It was the perfect get away.

the lobby of the hotel...pretty right?

We headed up Thursday afternoon around 1:00. As we were leaving I was so stressed out the house was a mess and it was making me kinda mean. Hahaa. We took Oli and Rob over to Angelique's and then we took Henry over to Cali's, once the kids were dropped off it was amazing how fast my stress level went down. I was immediately relaxed. We had a wonderful drive up (so beautiful) and stopped at the mall to look around for wedding clothes (we didn't buy anything...). We then headed to the hotel, we had to do valet parking which was embarrassing because as I got out I noticed a diaper and rolled up little boy underwear right there in the front seat. Whoops. We cleaned the car out the next time we left the hotel...so we didn't have to feel so embarrassed. We were so impressed by the place...it is amazing. By far the nicest place I have stayed before. They gave us pretty water bottles while we checked in. haha. We made it to our room, got connected to the internet, and then I took a little snooze. It felt so nice to be napping and not hear my boys wrestling around and destroying the house at the same time.
the kitchenette.

chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary.

me on my ipad. there was a nice fireplace and flat screen tv across from this couch.

view from our balcony.

When dinner time came around we weren't sure where to eat. I had hoped I would be feeling better so we could eat somewhere fancy but I wasn't so I didn't want to waste the money on food that wouldn't taste that great to me. Haha. So we headed to squatter's I knew it wasn't too expensive and I knew they had sweet potato fries, which sounded so good to me. Cortney got fish and chips and I got a pulled pork sandwhich (not as good as chubby's)...it was yummy and fun to eat together.

We then headed back and went swimming in the super heated pool. It was cold out probably 54 degrees...but the pool was probably 100 degrees. It is open all year round. The room had big down robes, so we wore those down and were the only ones in the pool. It was still pretty cold. haha. They have fires pits everywhere...so it was pretty fun.

Here is a horrible picture of us in our robes sitting on the couch after swimming. We watched TV which was heaven to me because it has been months since we've had cable. We watched a million house hunters. Hmmm. I love tv.

We tried to sleep in as long as we could but there were huge vaulted windows to show the beautiful mountains...but they let in tons of sunshine. We still slept way longer than we usually do with our kids around. It was awesome. Cortney went for a swim (of course) while I got ready. Then things went down hill because I started to need to eat something but there was nothing around and we didn't know where to go to eat and we were driving around and I was getting mean and about to throw up. I just wanted a Denny's hahaa. I was feeling like hasbrowns...skinny, greasy, crispy, salty hashbrowns. We finally found a bistro that was still serving breakfast, and that really helped everything. We then stopped at the vans outlet to get Oliver some birthday presents. (that boy) Then it was time to head home.

There is still no one I would rather spend my time with than Cortney. He is my perfect match. It was great even just to drive down the road with him. It really has been the best 12 years.

We got back and went right to pick the boys up. I was happy to sit those little guys after the get away.

You never know what your kids are going to do while you are gone. They had a great time. They thought Angelique made the best food ever...they have talked non stop about honey butter and tacos since then. Rob was obsessed with Marion. Of course who wouldn't be??

Oli Rob and Marion.

I was so grateful for Justin and Angelique and Cali (joe was gone) for watching the kids while I was gone. It is so hard to leave your kids...but so worth it.

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Angie said...

um...that place looks amazing!

glad you guys got the chance to get away. you deserved it.