Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oliver turns 8!

Oliver turned 8 on the 24 of June. He and I both have loved going back on this blog and seeing what we did for every one of his birthday's. It is amazing what journaling does for your memory.

Oliver begged me to open his presents right when he woke up (same as last year). I obliged. I was so worried because this little guy asked for EVERYTHING. I mean it. He just wants so much. Jeans, pants, coats, socks, shoes, skate board, xbox 360, new bike...he wants the world. I didn't know how to give him all that. Luckily he understands that...and was really happy with what he actually got.

He got lots of flick trix

he got two "beast" hats from mom and dad.

From Grandma Aha Jones he got a tech deck and an AWESOME scripture marker.

This was the best part... Cortney found a 400 dollar Haro bike on KSL.com for only 80 bucks. He took it all the way apart cleaned everything, fixed everything, repainted it, and put it back together.
Oliver LOVES it.

nutragrain bars and dried fruit for my grown up little boy.

He also got 30 bucks from my parents (which he spent on clothes and flick trix). He loves money...haha.

From Cali and Joey and the kids he got a shawn white shirt and some candy.

He also got a package in the mail from grandma berta with SKATE 3 for the xbox360. I thought he was going to die. Seriously he had a heart attack. He couldn't believe it. Cali and Joey gave us their old xbox 360 that had the red ring of death and Cortney you tubed how to fix it and the next day we had a working xbox. Now we just need a controller (he keeps borrowing Tysons). It was one of his favorite presents for sure. Thanks GRANDMA. (we do have to keep the volume down because it is rated T for language. haha)
Still sick I went with store bought cream pie. Haha We had pie and root beer floats at Cali's for the party.

For the main part of the party Cortney borrowed laser tag guns from his friend that works at UVU. Then we waited for it to get dark and the boys went outside and ran around like crazy. It was loud and crazy and they came in exhausted at 11:00 p.m. They had a great time. And it was a nice FREE party. YAY.

He just had his interview for his baptism, and gets baptized August 6th. We are so proud of him, he is such a good kid. I have been so lucky having him as a first child. It really isn't fair. I never have to worry about that boy. He chooses the right (almost always) and helps me out so much...with Rob and with Henry. He is so happy to have another boy in our family. I love getting to be his mom, I feel really lucky that I get this little guy in our family. He is such a joy to us.

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Christensen's said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite boys! Looks like they had fun at laser tag.