Friday, October 22, 2010

Reno part 2

The next morning my kids were up pretty early. I was so happy to see Nicole and she and I laid on her bed talking, while Cortney went with Tyler to see what it is that he does for a living (tyler has a carpet cleaning company...he is a great business man and a super hard is my belief that he can make any company flourish). I love talking to Nicole. We believe in the same things. We talked the day away and still weren't showered or ready when the boys came home.

Nicole had a couple of hair appointments in the afternoon so she left to her salon. Tyler then showed us around town. The thing I love the most about Reno is that you can live on the outskirts of town and totally live in the country with wide open spaces...but five minutes later you are in town and have whatever store/restaurant you could want. Orem is definitely laking on wide open spaces and places like Moses Lake and Rexburg are definitely laking in the restaurant/ store department. It was a nice mix. Cortney said he could move there in a heartbeat.

That night we actually hired a babysitter and we went to eat at one of the casino buffets. I love all you can eat food. Hmmmm....I could really go for some of that cheesecake right now. Of course we took no pictures the first day.

The next day we woke up and decided to go to Tahoe...Nicole's hometown.

First we stopped at Red Hut for a delicious breakfast.

Then we ran over to look at the lake. The kids loved it. We were going to go on a boat ride but it was 46 dollars per adult and 20 for no thanks. Plus, it was 2 1/2 hours. That would be torture for the little ones.

Now I am going to post a bunch of pictures. I am sorry but I want all of these in my book someday.

I will post the pictures in stages because there are tons.

Me helping Rob put the 100 toothpicks he took from the restaurant into his pocket. I spend a lot of my life doing stuff like this.

Oliver is just learning that he can't skate everywhere he wants. See nicole in the background...she ran soooo fast with the stroller to see how much the boat rides cost.

The beach!!!

We luckily were able to borrow a stroller from one of Ty and Nicole's friends. My stroller is out of commission....and I can't lug that kid around he is HEAVY.

Yeah...we didn't do Rob's hair that day.

Pretty Tahoe...this was my first time ever being there. I loved it.

I had to post this picture because this is Tyler telling us all about where he lives.
He loves to show people around, I love it.

Rob never wanted to leave.

um...are these two related?? I love how their hats are tilted exactly the same and they are practically wearing matching outfits. hahaaa.

Ty, showing us he could probably be a male model if the carpet cleaning thing doesn't work out.

Rob and Cole running back to the car. (Rob loves nicole and Rob is also A LOT like Tyler so Nicole pretty much loves him too.)

I have more pictures to post of Tahoe but Henry calls.


angie said...

I've been to Reno once, and just loved it! You're right, it's the perfect combination of things. Plus being so close to Tahoe...what a beautiful area.
Looks like you guys had a good time!

Earl Family said...

Ash - that looks dreamy.

Can't wait for the next part :)

nicole boice said...

this is making me want you guys to be back here so bad!! by the way, ty and i are about to leave for the buffet for date night. cheesecake here we come :)

Samantha said...

My kids were crawling all over me so that they could look at all of the pictures. Kate asked if you guys are the ones that have kittens at their house. I said yes and she said maybe we could go to your house to see the kitties? I said maybe we can visit soon. I asked them to name your kids and for a second they thought Oliver was Zac. and when I pointed to Rob, Kate said, "BOB!" haha.