Sunday, October 10, 2010

ahhhh yeah baby!

First off...Rob did great at school on friday. He kept telling me he wants to try again and be good at school. After further investigation (talking to him) the threat he made with his pen was; he told a boy he was going to poke him in the eye with his pen. Yikes. Then the reason he ran away was, he knew the teacher had put his pen on her desk and he was trying to get into the class some how. He found the door but it was locked so then he ditched his plan and just went to the front of the school. Crazy kid.

Saturday we got the good tickets from Cortney's work. My sister Linh watched all of my kids and Cali's kids. CRAZY. I really appreciate her, it isn't easy to find someone who is willing to watch a bunch of kids...and trust me we have tried. She made cake pumpkin suckers with all of them which means she is one brave lady. We OWE her BIG TIME.

People keep asking me "what, you are still cheering for BYU even though they lose every week??". The answer to that question is, and will always be, yes. I am a BYU fan ran or shine. And then of course I can't keep myself from singing Journey's song "Don't stop believing" whom ever it is that is asking me that ridiculous question.

When we entered the stadium there was a crazy feeling in the air. I felt nervous and giddy but I kept almost starting to cry I was so happy.

Self portrait of Cortney and I with Cali jumping in...on our way into the food tent.

Getting ready to get our food on, yes I take it very seriously.

We ate ourselves sick. Cortney said "oh my gosh" when I made him take this picture, too cheesy for him I guess.

Joe and Cali on our way into the game.

Cort and I same place, Cali tried another shot to get a good picture of Cortney...this is what she came up with...
Would you look at that...she got a little smile out of Cortney.

Yes...I actually was this happy during the game...such a horrible picture but I had to include it because this is JUST how I felt.

The game was awesome. The team was so pumped up...more than usual and so was the crowd. We were on our feet most of the game and I yelled so much my throat killed when it was over. The weather was PERFECT football weather.

We started off the game with a trick play that turned into a touchdown. It was the best way to start the game and Cali and I couldn't stop jumping...we were high fiving everyone.

The good thing about losing is it makes you remember just how great it is to win. Not that I want to lose, but the last few years I expected to win. When no one thinks you are going to win it is the best feeling ever.

Bronco was wearing the "band of brothers" t-shirt for the game. It is the teams theme this year but the first time Bronco was wearing it. He was sending a CLEAR message.
The game was awesome, there is nothing quite like being surrounded by blue, hearing the crowd loud and watching the team win. I love it.

To top things off Linh had things totally under control and cleaned when we got home which just means she is amazing. She said "it's what I do". hahaha.


bBchronicles said...

WOW, nothing BETTER than a good "date-day" and to have thing UNDER CONTROL when you got back - PRICELESS!!!!! Fun photos!

Cindy said...


Yes, we have been there, but me only once so far this season. When I went to AZ to do 'canning' with my mom, etc., I ended up being there 10 days longer than I expected so Duff went to Utah w/o me for the Nevada Reno game. We were going to go to Saturday's game, but I just 'couldn't' leave so soon again. I hadn't been to church in our own ward since August! And our 15 yr.old daughter needed us to be home this weekend. We could have delegated to our local married kids, BUT, she needed us, so we stayed. We decked ourselves out in our game day apparel and cheered the Cougars on from our family room while I worked endlessly on visiting teaching things and Duff on HP group temple assignments.

We are coming for Wyoming so let's look for each other!

The one upside to staying home was that we got to listen to all the tv commentators, but I sooo missed the fall weather and energy you get in the stadium!

btw: I'm so jealous of Cali's cookie!!!!! I look forward to those every season. They are my favorite! I even contacted catering for the recipe. They tell me they are considering giving it to me. Yay!

Angelique said...

I thought we were going to get creamed. Looks like firing the defensive coordinator was the right move. So glad we won!

Awesome pictures, too!

Cindy said...

PS: our seats are in the Y section, row 28, seats 1234. Look for us!