Friday, October 22, 2010

lake tahoe (the second half)

After hanging out by the beach we went to the Tahoe skatepark. Oliver skated around a little while Rob rode his scooter. We sat and talked and were surrounded by trees. BEAUTIFUL.

Ohhh Oli. He loves to skate...more than anything. He is actually getting pretty good too.

Nic and Ty...such a cute couple. Nicole has amazing hair and is so fun to take pictures of...I mean look at that hair.

Rob being Rob. (I think he was sulking about crashing)

Can you say BEAUTIFUL??

Nic and Ty need a kid. Isn't this picture precious? Minus my big head of course.
I threw this picture in for Tyler...he couldn't get enough of 6 pack McGee. He was nearly obsessed.

Then we headed to Tahoe Doughnuts for some fried goodness. Then on to another beach. It was pretty darn cold but the kids still got in the water. Tyler and Nicole couldn't believe it but I knew that the kids would get in. They love the water. Even Henry got in. Tyler and Nicole were missing their doggie like crazy (I know I didn't want to let it in the new van...mean ashley).

You can tell just how cold it is by looking at Rob...

Just throwing rocks.

Henry wanted in so bad.

My babies have nearly flat profiles...I love it.

I love it when Rob smiles like this.


Once again Ty and Nic...making really cute fake parents. You should see nicole gag when it is diaper changing time. hahaa (i love tyler's smile...that is his true smile)

What a beautiful sky. Ty and Nicole...they are pretty obsessed with each other. Which is good of course.

weird panorama Cortney did so there are two Oliver's. But I love how all three of my boys are down there playing.

Then they even got me to hike a little. I couldn't believe it. I even told them before hand no hiking for me. hahaa. No, I like this kind of hiking. The hiking I don't like is the kind that takes all day. I have WAY too short of an attention span for something like that.

Henry, me and Nicole at the top. Yeah we look pretty hot. hahaaa. And no I am not going to let Henry fall of the mountain.

Ty pushing his Tyler pose to the extreme.

I was laying on a bench and Tyler made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I couldn't stop laughing. I know it doesn't look like it but I was dying.

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