Friday, October 22, 2010

1 year

I take a break from posting about Reno to post Henry's 1 year stats. But first a collage of the first year of his life...

Picnik collage
Babies grow up so fast yet you can hardly tell they are changing. It amazes me to see the pictures in order like this. He used to be so small.

I have loved having him.

Henry at 1:

5 1/2 teeth.

My pickiest eater so far. He only likes pureed jar baby food. Not even the yummy kinds like lasagna...nope just the stage one single fruit or veggie baby foods. He will have toast or gold fish or sometimes a cookie. He loves popcorn. But I have to FORCE him to try new foods.

He isn't walking yet but will walk across the room with a walker, or walk along the couch. He is just starting to stand up without holding on to something.

He does more tricks than my other babies.
He can do wheels on the bus (he knows which action just by me singing the song...I sing a lot to him...yikes).
If you are happy and you know it.
If I sing dance-y dance-y he will shimmy and dance. (sometimes he will even sing it)
He will say uh-oh.
He waves Bub-bye.

He says dada...who knows if he knows what that means.
He doesn't really say anything but I was trying to teach him the sign language for drink (the kid drinks more water than any baby I have ever seen). I kept doing the sign and saying drink drink. He looked at me annoyed that I wouldn't give him the water bottle and said "drin drin" Cute.

He sleeps tons. I usually put him to bed at 7 and then he wakes up at 8:30. When I say this it means he doesn't get up in the night at all. I don't feed him at all for 13 hours. It is awesome. On a perfect day he goes back to sleep at 10:00 and sleeps until Rob gets home from school around 12. I then put him down again around 1:30 and he sleeps until Oli gets home around 3. Sometimes he even takes a third nap and goes to bed a little later. He loves to sleep. Somedays though I am gone all day and he will just get one nap. On those days he is a DIVA at the store or wherever I am. Fiona is always better than him at the grocery store.

Okay now for his stats.

Weight 23.83 lbs -- 66.53%...he lost weight from last month when I took him in.
Height 30 inches -- 59.14%
Head 18.3 in -- 54.17%

He is a really good boy. Funny and stubborn already.


Earl Family said...

Ash - I HAVE to know how you made that collage. I LOVE it.

Can teach me?

Samantha said...

Same. I'm copying it. He really chubbed up between 4 and 5 months. Love that baby.

ashleyboice said...

yeah between 4 and 5 months I quit wonder he chunked up.

khepworth said...

Love your collage. It's fun to see the changes. You got yourself a cute kid there!

Angelique said...

Awesome collage. I love that he dances when you sing to him.

Anonymous said...

that is a great idea ash, you have been a busy lady! LOVE the collage! happy belated birthday hens!

love, w

Mandi said...

The collage is great! I adore his blue eyes! It's amazing how fast it goes by...