Friday, October 29, 2010


I have known forever that Rob has some health issues. Nothing serious at all but the boy ALWAYS has a stuffy nose, cough, he snores and it is really hard for him to get better after feeling sick. Plus if you hear him talk he has a stuffy voice. I have always wanted to take him into a ear nose and throat specialist...but I don't know...I have been too lazy I guess. But with school, I have to get this boy figured out. He feels horrible every morning and it makes it very hard for him to get up and get to school.

Well this year we happen to have insurance (yay for us hahaha). And because Cortney got hit by that car we have also reached our out of pocket maximum. Which means we have got to get all the medical stuff done we have ever needed.

Today bright and early Robbie got his nose scoped with a fiber optic camera. The doctor (who I LOVED...she was amazing, if you ever need someone)...said he has ENORMOUS adenoids...which I knew was going to be the case. She is going to get the boy breathing better...which thrills me to death.

Me and Henry this morning...I made him dress up as a spider because he was going with Cali to her school parade. Fiona and He have different matching costumes that I will break out tomorrow. This spider Tyson wore when he was 1 so I guess that makes it 9 years old. WOw. I love whatever it is that he is doing with his face.

Rob waiting to get the scope.

After his appointment I was running around like crazy getting the boys dressed up for their big day. They can't wear their costumes to school but have to put them on after lunch. They turned out looking pretty cute.

Rob decided for the 3rd year in a row to be a ghost. I was willing to make him whatever he wanted too...but no he wants to be a ghost. I had to add another layer of fabric underneath to make it long enough...
Rob at school with his friend.

Oliver in the parade.

I almost thought Rob wasn't going to cooperate and be in the parade but he turned it around last minute.

OLiver after I got him dressed.

Rob loves slinky's I bought him the one he is holding after the Dr. He has loved slinky's his whole life.

Creepy right?? I came up with this costume last night.

I did have to get special permission from the principle at the school to use the knife. I couldn't believe he let me use it.

I told Cortney last night ughhh I hate halloween. He said "what that is your favorite holiday"...but let me tell you when kids get older it sure gets stressful...they don't want to be anything that I want...and it is a lot of work to get the costumes all figured out.


Isaac and Linh said...

great pics ash and great costumes!!

amber said...

Rob looked pretty freaky with that slinky. You get an A for effort with those costumes. Our kids pretty much copped out with embarassment before we got to the church and took their costumes off. We miss you guys up here.

Anonymous said...

Your costumes are great. I would have never allowed the knife. I also ended the parade. I think it is just an opportunity for parents to come and take pics of their kids and has no educational value. We had a big carnival and they could do what they wanted. Some decisions I make are popular and some are not. I know you can't please everyone. Good to hear you are doing ok. We missed you guys for the family bash. Try to be positive with Robie so he doesn't get labeled as the bad kid. You have great kids. Those pictures are really good. We love and miss you guys. rboice

bBchronicles said...

GREAT, GREAT photos and costumes!!!!! Missed you guys!

duke of earl said...