Tuesday, January 12, 2010

random nothings.

Oliver brought home a note yesterday from school...it was a note from a kids parent they wanted Oliver over to play. His first invite to play with someone. I am not really ready for Oli to play over at someone's house. Maybe it is just because he is my first born, but I just am not ready for that. So I called to see if the little boy could come over here instead. It was nerve wracking...I have never had anyone over (besides my neighbor's kids and my own nieces and nephews). Now I am just glad it is over. They both asked if he could come over tomorrow and I told them both he can come over maybe once every other week. Even that seems like a big commitment to me. Is it bad that I just want his only friends to be his siblings?? (yeah I know that can never last)

Ohh I love this picture of Henry...this is totally what he looks like. He always has this expression on his face. I also love that I have my reminders written on my hand. Cortney needed AA batteries and then I needed to remember to bring soup this saturday for Young Women's. I can't help it, that is the best way for me to remember something.

Tomorrow we go to see my parents set apart. Then we won't see them again until we go over and visit them sometime in Spain.


Melissa B. said...

Oh Ash, the day will come that you will long for those play dates. Just remember you had best friends other than your siblings once upon a time.

*ethan* said...

batteries...ya right ash