Sunday, January 03, 2010

my blessed little one

Today we blessed little Henry. What a great day I had. My in laws (plus grandma Alice) showed up early this morning as we left for church. I was SO happy to see them. I was glad they made the drive up here even if it was just for a short visit.

Cali and Joey also blessed baby Fiona. So everyone came to my church first and they we hurried over to Cali's. It really was the best of days. Henry didn't cry once during his blessing (surprise).

People that attended: Mom and Dad, Bob and Roberta, Alice Ward, Cameron, Leah, Morgan, Jason, KaeLynn and kids, Justin, Angelique, Dougie, Mike, and Isaac.

henry getting some Grandma love from grandma Berta. It was so nice to have someone else hold him today.

We played wii after Cali's sacrament while we waited for the luncheon to start.

It was awesome to see the two grandma's play each other in a game of tennis.

Just a handsome picture of Bob.

My nieces Morgan and Leah came too they are so good with Henry.

I got in on a little tennis action myself.
Cortney trying to get the wii mote from Rob so he can put him in time out...
Here he goes...
Gotta love that face.
the three of us... dad made some dang good food.

the kids eating.
Henry and Fiona...the stars of the day.
Me and Hens.
Roberta and Bob and Hens.

mom and dad and the babies.

It was a great day...thanks to our families for being there.


Scott & Tami said...


{natalie} said...

he is so adorable and little. i love it. you look great Ash and I like Cort's striped sweater. i think it's cool you and cali get to do all this together.

khepworth said...

Little Henry is so cute! It's crazy how much babies change and how fast they grow.

angie said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown already! such a cute cute boy.
sounds like such a great day...and that food looked delicious.

Melissa B. said...

Love the pic of your parents and Henry, and the two babes in their blessing outfits. Sooo Cute! Well it's official we are moving to spokane! In March.

Cindy said...

We blessed baby John on Sunday too in Provo. Goodness gracious, we were all just miles apart! Someday we will be able to connect up!

heather D said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. It looks like it was a rockin time. PLUS you look fabulous!