Monday, January 11, 2010

2 steps foward 1step back

2 Nights in a row Henry slept through without waking up once. Then last night he was up every hour. Now, the little guy is sleeping laying across my chest. About every 2 minutes he starts squirming and 5 toots come out. I feel bad for Hens on nights like this. I feel bad for myself and bad for Cortney. And now I really have to pee but I am trying to let him sleep and I know the second I put him down he will be bawling his brains out.

The diet is going well. My family had two get togethers this weekend. One we had pizza, spaghetti, and hot cookies (like 12 dozen of them), the second Jason made his most delish pancakes. Both nights I just had a salad. Boo

I have lost 5 pounds though.


Alisha Marlatt said...

My little Rory has gas really bad too! I've had to cut out dairy and seems to help but it sucks for me! Hope he starts doing better.

bBchronicles said...


Peggy Dee said...

Henry is so cute!! Just like your other boys. What a beautiful family (extra pounds and all!)