Thursday, January 14, 2010

Empty Sea

Yesterday all of my brothers and sisters (sorry sam) that live here met at the MTC (missionary training center) to see my parents set apart. Oh...all of our kids were there too. We all met in a room and watched them get their blessings. The guy giving the blessing said some pretty powerful things. It was amazing to be there to watch.

Some of us waiting in the MTC lobby. It was fun to see little missionaries walking around everywhere. I love missionaries.

I realize I look like ANDRE THE GIANT next to my mom in this picture, for some reason. As for all of my weird faces...cut me some slack I was REALLY sad.

Now that is more like it...I look a little smaller next to my dad. Ohhh...I love my parents.

Isaac and Linh
Justin, Angelique and Dougie
Jason, KaeLynn, Abby, Zac, Brooklyn and Eliza.

This next picture was taken January 30th of 2008 almost exactly two years ago. This was also taken at the MTC.
Our family Rob, Cort, me, Hens, and Oliver.

Strangely I don't have a picture of Cali's family at the MTC because she had her own camera.

This is a picture Rob took of Henry on the way home from the MTC. Awesome huh?? The boys always call him "Henry Barfer" (yes this boy has a lot of nick names).

My parents really are hardcore. They really think they should give all they can back to the Lord...I think that too...but they really do it. I am so proud of them I know it is a hard thing to do. I am also grateful for their example to my children. Both of the boys are obsessed with missionary stuff right now. Tomorrow morning they are off to Madrid.


Samantha said...

BOOOOOOO. Why do I live in California? Looks like fun.

shelly said...

What a wonderful day! We ALL miss your parents and you are right they are great examples. You have a wonderful family, the one you came from and the one you are making. Thanks for posting.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Ashley, the pictures are so cool and I love what you said. We were so glad to see you and Justin. We made it here ok and will get our skype going later today. Dad

Christensen's said...

Henry the barfer...funny. You need to smile with your teeth! You have the most gorgeous smile show it off :) I love your new family picture at the top of your blog. Who took it? Love it!

lysh said...

I'm so glad that you have a blog. I haven't been able to check it out for a long time. I love all the pictures. I can't wait to see King Henry in person. Good luck on your diet. I miss you!

Melissa B. said...

This is so EXCITING, but I am very sad for you. They are going to be so wonderful where they are heading. Don't you love the weird pics after bawling?

Anonymous said...
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