Friday, January 08, 2010


I have been calling Henry Henhog since he was born. He just looks like a hedgehog...he really does. And strangely enough right now hedgehogs are all the rage right now in baby clothes. Seriously, hedgehogs are everywhere right now. It stinks because I want to buy every hedgehog thing I see. (the bouncer he is on has hedgehogs on it) I took this picture today I couldn't resist how cute he looked.
What a cute baby...right??

The other thing that is all the rage with little boy clothes right rock star motifs.
I took these pictures (there are tons sorry) yesterday because I finished this little hat for baby. It is made out of the cutest charcoal grey yarn. It is so fun to crochet little hats because they are so fast to make.

He was pretty much done at this point...(that is why I call him king Henry...this boy knows what he wants).

It has been exhausting lately taking care of this little guy. Seriously babies are a lot of work, it is never ending. I don't think this baby likes all of the veggies I have been eating, he has even worse gas then before...if that is possible. BUT...I have started weaning him (I start on medications in February that baby can't have) so last night at 11 I fed him a HUGE bottle made with formula and then he slept until 8. 9 hours straight. That is a first for him. I was so happy this morning. On top of the world. I think he likes formula so much more then my milk. Formula hurts his stomach less. hmmmm. I am excited to have him all the way weaned. I was happy I got a chance to nurse him, and I would still be nursing him if I could...but Yahooooo I can't, bottles here we come. I can't wait.

Rob continues to be a handful...the LOVE of my life and the bane of my existence, as I call him lovingly in my mind. Last night I was helping him say his prayers and I told him to say "please bless me that I can obey my mommy"...and he wouldn't say it finally he said "I can't say that" I think he knew that that wasn't going to happen.
look how cute he is though...I love this smiling picture of Rob...he hardly ever smiles in pictures.

Honestly Oliver would be a child model if I let him. When Cortney gets out the camera Oliver really starts hamming it up. He has all sorts of poses and faces...he takes it so seriously. Hahaaa I think it is so funny. (he is just like me)

That is all for now. My parents leave on their mission on MONDAY. gasp. I seriously don't know how I am going to do this.


Adri said...

Cute baby! They ARE hard work. That's why I don't have one. I don't think I'm up for it. And I agree with you about the bottles. I always nurse my kids but am sooo anxious to wean them. Bottles are so much easier.

nicole boice said...

i loved this post... so funny and the cutest pitures. i woke tyler up to read him the part about rob. they are twins, i swear.

{natalie} said...

that little henry is so cute. and i love the smiling picture of Rob. I can't believe you have 3 boys now.

Anonymous said...

oh man! those are some great photos! henry makes hedgehogs look soooo adorable! LOVE IT!