Friday, January 01, 2010

las vegas

For Christmas my dad rented a "Christmas Cabin" for us in Las Vegas. When Mom and Dad found out that they were going on another mission they decided we had to go somewhere together for last hurrah before they left. It is really hard to find somewhere that fits 30 people, that is close by, and a little warmer then Orem. This home in Vegas fit the bill perfectly. And it turned out the "christmas cabin" was a Christmas mansion. This place was INSANE.

It was such a beautiful house. 9 huge bedrooms 10 bathrooms. The craziest part of the house was how quiet the house was. It had such good insulation or something. It really helped with all of the loud kids running around. It also had an awesome theater, the kids (and adults) played beatles rock band all day. We also had the pool heated to around 90 degrees. I swam one night (well if you can call sitting in the water swimming) but Cortney swam tons and said it was the best part. The kids loved it and were in there all day.

The house.

The entry way

The pool...duh.

The hall way to all of the bedrooms.

Game room with bar.

One of the Master suites.

We left for Vegas Monday after work. We followed Joey and Cali down in their car and got to Vegas around 11:00 p.m. We got a couple of rooms at the Circus Circus, along with our friend Shane for 23 dollars a room. Man...that is so cheap. You can't beat that. Then Tuesday morning we headed over to meet my parents at the house. We hung around the house and then around 3 most of the boys left to the BYU bowl game. What a fun game, the perfect end to a great season.

It was FREEZING that night. Super windy. These boys are hardcore.

Everyone that I see says "man Cortney really has a beard right now" I hardly notice until I see a picture like this where he has it all fanned out like that. That is a big beard. He looks like Bluto.
from the movie popeye. Well...I guess he needs a unibrow...but his beard is definitely Bluto worthy.

A blurry but awesome photo of the boys rushing the field when BYU won. Tyson is wearing the blue puff coat, he is the ultimate BYU fan.

Ty stoaked.

Justin went up to the cameras when espn was interviewing Bronco M. and held Tyson up...all of us watching the game at home saw him on TV for a long time. First we saw Justin and then up came Tyson. It was awesome.

Just a note...Joey and Shane are missing from the picture because Joey had surgery on his ankle and is a gimp right now. Isaac and Linh were also there but were in the car because it as SO cold.
Max hall holding up the trophy.

Finally a picture that Cortney is in.

Mom and I drove all around town Tuesday night looking for a Christmas tree (not just any Christmas tree but one that was on sale...we weren't willing to spend over 20 dollars for it). We found one and I am glad we really brought the Christmas feel to the place.

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dirty>south said...

goodness. i'm pretty sure i saw that place on MTV cribs once.