Saturday, November 29, 2008

kung fu

So one week and no posts...I think that might be a record for me.  We have been in Rexburg this week for the holiday.  

Rob has been obsessed with Tai Lung (the bad guy) from the Kung Fu Panda.  He pretends that he is "Tai Lone"  all day long.  Last night when I tried to get his coat on so we could go over to Tyler and Nicole's Rob said "Mom Tai Lone not wear coats, Tai Lone wear boobs like you do"

Um....I guess he thinks Tai Lone's pecks some how resemble mine???  Who knows?

Rob just came up to see this picture on the computer and said "Tai lone don't have shirt he have boobs."  Then I said "Tai Lone doesn't have boobs"  then Rob said "nipples"

What in the world.  I better just leave it at that.  Oh boy. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today the BYU vs Utah game was so sad. It feels nice to have it over with though.

Joey had given us tickets to the BYU basketball game tonight. Court side front row seats with all of the food Justin and Angelique got tickets too. It really helped turn around our sour moods from the loss earlier today. It is so fun to sit so close to all of those players and to hear what they are saying. Like you are watching a high school basketball game.

Now I have a little crush on Cosmo...I have mentioned that before. I just love all of those dance moves and acrobatics. sister in law Angelique knows this and so the whole night she was trying to get me to take a picture with him. Finally he came by and she said "Cosmo, she wants to take a picture with you". It was totally embarrassing...and not just because he did a freak dance in front of me and I couldn't help but do one right back...but also because it took Cortney forever to get his phone ready to take a picture. Hahaaa. Awkward. Surprisingly (not really) he was shorter than me so I scrunched down for the picture. I should have know he'd be short most people that can do flips and such are on the shorter side. Anyways...embarrassing or not I have a picture with him, my kids think it is awesome.
And yes I am making a weird face...but I was literally freaking out of embarrassment. He is pretty lovable right??

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I know that people either love or hate Twilight...and so I never really post about it...I know it is a touchy subject. it. And tonight with my Ladies we waited in line and watched the movie. It was the best night. We went first to dinner and then over to wait. I loved the movie. Granted the budget on the movie wasn't very big so some of the special effects weren't the greatest. But oh, the casting of Edward and so perfect. Robert Pattinson is smokin hot. Sorry, but see for yourself...
I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time. We were laughing and laughing and nearly screaming...I would have been screaming for sure if I hadn't been surrounded by one hundred other ladies. For now I go to sleep so tired but also so happy...I feel like I am in high school again. And if you hated the movie I'm so sorry...but as for me I adored it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are heading next week to Rexburg for Thanksgiving.  Cortney is available to take family pictures or pictures of your kids if anyone is interested.  

Oh...and I have been meaning to say that he took some cute pictures of Tiffany's extended family last week.  Go take a look.

You can email him at cortneyboice @ gmail dot com

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So a year ago yesterday we left on our unforgettable trip to Guatemala and Mexico. All week long I have been reminiscing about how great it was. Even as I went through the pictures to find some to post, my heart was racing. I love all of the pictures we have because it takes me back through the trip. I had the best time. It was so fun to be traveling with Cortney....without our kids. Usually when we travel we are either, skimping on our accommodations, sharing a room, or not eating every meal to save money. This trip was so great because everything was super nice and all of the food was included. Plus we got our very own room which was fun. I also loved of course learning we got to do. The TOUR format was awesome for us...I loved just going where we were told and not having to worry about getting lost or having to negotiate. All of that kind of stuff. It was also a huge bonus to go with a bunch of awesome people. Sorry this sounds like I am bragging...really I am not. Just reminding myself what a fun trip it was. (plus I hardly was able to post any pictures last year because we headed strait to Mazatlan)
This is probably one of the only pictures of both Cortney and I where we are in focus. Hhahaha. This is us in Tikal.

We had such a great time with Justin and Angelique. This is us being cool in Quetzaltenango.

I loved this of Cort right after he got poo'ed on by a bird. Hahaa.

I love love this picture. Me, my Mom and my Aunt Vicki. We are actually on top of a HUGE pyramid/ruin. Notice my hand that is going behind me...I was holding on to the wall....I was so terrified up there. My stomach just got nervous just thinking about it.

Just a picture of my dad telling what I am sure is a sweet story at a delish pollo restaurant in Antigua.
Angelique and I showing off our earrings which we bought for like a dollar and at the time thought that was is funny how foreign currency messes up your brain.

I love this picture of this lady doing my hair. You can see on her head how they all wear their hair. My dad paid the lady to do mine.

A tinsy LDS church somewhere in Guatemala. Isn't that awesome. Makes me proud to be a part of that church.

Happy Birthday to my bestest Laura Lei. I miss you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm sure you all know this

But....every time the "holidays" roll around I am always ready to start listening to Christmas music. So I am posting about...

Such a great place to listen to any music...but I always remember it at Christmas time.

monday monday

Robs most used phrase right now is:

"I'n so mad at you mom"

"I'n so mad at you All (is word for Oli)"

"I mad at myself" (which is what he uses the most)

He is so interested in who is mad at who and why. When he says "mom, you mad?" I try to say "no, I am not mad I am happy" To which he replies "no you mad".

As annoying as it is (and it is sometimes...especially when he won't believe that I'm not mad...and then I find I am getting mad) it is pretty cute.

Side note:

To all of you so worried about me...thanks. That isn't why I posted that, honestly. I am feeling okay still. Just a little achy...but a milestone for me nonetheless. So don't worry. I'll get better once I am pregnant. I'm okay. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Saturday early morning I woke up. My wrists were hurting. As I assessed the situation I took note that my hips, knees ankles and shoulders were also pretty stiff. I know that sounds dramatic...but it is the truth. October 4th was my last day on has been a blissful 43 days (besides the whole unemployment thing). I never expected to be pain free that long. But I also can't help but notice every little surge of pain...anytime anything hurts I think..."oh great here we go". But the other night it was was actual Rheumatoid arthritis pain...pain I remember well. Now don't jump the gun (MOMs) I can still fully close my hand into a fist. But typing is pretty painful and slow. So for now you might not see quite as much typing on my blog (I know my friend Shane will love this...he thinks I do too much typing). It is easier in some ways this time...I know it is only for a short time...I can handle anything if I know how long it is going to last. Last time I felt like I was going to be crippled for life (dramatic again I know...what can I say??). This time it is only until it is time for me to have a baby...(i don't know when that is...but it isn't years away). At the same time sometimes things are scarier when you know what to the second time I went on the stratosphere's sling shot was way worse then the first time. For now though...Cortney is going to have to give me tons of foot rubs and help the kids in the early morning...hey, maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yard work

Cortney is having a hard time with the slow pace of the stay at home Mom. He is used to REALLY accomplishing something during the day. It is driving him nuts. Today he raked up everything in our yards. And...let me tell you we have HUGE trees. Lots of leaves and pine needles. Plus our garden needed cleaned out. It took him pretty much all day. The weather was so nice we all played outside awhile and watched him work.

CC looking at the clouds. She was kinda having a hard time.

Cortney using the blower on the kids. (look closely at Jack's hair). They loved it...

Goo Girl on the other hand wasn't so fond of the blower. She kept saying "Cortney get me".

I tried to be real sneaky and snap this picture of Cort.

Afterwards Cali and I took the kids to Carl's Jr. to play while Cort showered up and stuff like that. When he got to Cali's he gave me a which I replied "mmmm you smell so good"...then I leaned back and looked at him and my stomach turned over. I saw it...Cortney had shaved the WORST mustache I think he has EVER EVER had (which is really saying a lot).

Oh it is hideous...shaved really short and creepy.

Just imagine this coming in towards you for a kiss.....


In Oliver's preschool the assistant teacher is out all week. And today Ms. PJ was gone at a teacher training meeting. I saw Ms. PJ at church on Sunday and she asked me if I could come in and help the substitute today. I was a little hesitant...I mean...I have never considered myself as someone that is really good with kids. But man it was so fun. I had the best time. It felt great to be doing something. Really. What a great job. The substitute was nearly Grandma Jones age, and at first she was pretty nervous but Ms. PJ left great notes and any time we strayed just a little bit from the schedule the kids let us know and we got back on track. The kids were cute and it was amazing to see how different ones excelled at different things. All in all I am so glad I got the chance to do it.

Rob on the other hand was so sad to be left home. He cried all morning. While I was getting ready I heard Oli say "Rob if Mom stayed here with you all she would do is play computer...but you get to stay with is going to be fun." Now I know that Oli was just trying to make things better but man he burned me. Hahaa. Cortney took Rob to Cabella's while we were gone and all was forgotten.
Oli and I on our way out the door. I don't know why we are so serious.

Smiling... are some of Rob's masterpieces that he has made with the paint you got him. He loves it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So today we went and got the kids immunizations up to date.  Holy smokes.  It was nuts.  Oliver had to get his kindergarten boosters and his hepatitis A shot.  (I never take my kids to the doctor...I don't know why)  Anyways, Oliver was so scared and trying really hard to be brave...he kept saying over and over "I can't handle the pressure".  Rob got his 1 shot first...and freaked out.  It was horrible...I had told Cortney to take Oliver out while Rob got his so he wouldn't know how bad it was going to be.  But he didn't...bad move.  Oliver freaked.  He was crying and crying before she even started.  He still held pretty still (although I did have to hold his arms down).  Oye....I am so grateful I didn't have to take them all alone, like I usually do.  Oh I also got them the flu shot...not the shot but the mist...which was awesome by the way.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

my baby...

is three today (okay okay...tomorrow...but we didn't have time for a party tomorrow).

He was so bad today too. Fighting so much. Aye. At the store he cried so hard because I wasn't buying him a present right then.

It is nice to be home...and back to my normal routine.

So to all of our friends and family that weren't invited to this party...don't feel bad. It was last minute...and I didn't want to have to deal with a whole bunch of kids (no offense). I also didn't want for people to feel like they had to bring him a present . Plus I decided at like 2:00 p.m. to have the party today.

I scrounged around Cali's house to see what decorations I could find. Rob wanted a STARS and CIRCLES birthday party. I have no idea why. But he has been telling me that for months. His birthday is the last out of all the cousins here. So he has waited patiently through a whole bunch of parties for his. (I used up all the construction paper I had...only the unpopular colors left)

Rob's stars and circles cake. It turned out so cute. I bought those fruit roll up stackers , 2 of circles and one pack of stars. When I got them home from the store and opened them both packs were stars (even though on the pack the picture was definitely a circle) and they didn't look like stars at all...just big blobs...more like a house shape. So I spent probably an hour re-cutting them with a sharp knife into real stars and circles. What a pain. It was the only thing Rob wanted specifically though so I had to come through.
real cute.

Rob has great cheeks.

We made a jello poke cake. We always had those when I was litle...but I don't think I have ever made one as a grown up. So yummy. Plus Oliver doesn't like frosting so the cool whip topping was a real hit with him. All of the kids loved it and ate almost the whole cake.

Opening presents. All he cared about.

Bubbles and a book from Grandma Aha. I told him to smile at the camera...this is his fake smile.

Whenever I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would say a slinky and a yo-yo. Cali and kids hooked him up. (and it isn't very easy to find a real slinky).

An Indiana Jones whip from Grandma Connie (and Grandpa Doug). He loves it so much. Although he did whip Grace right when I opened it. (luckily for her it is soft)
Also from my parents 2 pairs of pants and a shirt.

Last but not least the color wonder magic paint set from Grandma and Grandpa Boice. He has been asking for this for a month. He has already painted a couple of masterpieces. It is a really cool set...and the paintbrush lights up whatever color you are painting. He loves it.

Phewww I am glad the whole party thing is over.

He is a cute little boy...and the apple of my eye. But man that kid is really loud, and he really likes to fight. His favorite color is blue, his favorite shows are Dragon Tales, Calliou (ick...I know), He loves loves slinkys. His favorite food is basically anything....probably spaghetti. Every day after school he askes Oli "how was your school today?", and yesterday when he was mad at Oliver he said "Fine Oli, I am not going to be your boyfriend anymore". All day he kept saying "this is going to be the best party ever".

Tomorrow, we go for both of the kids to get their shots updated. Yeah. I haven't taken them to a doctors appointment since Rob's 18 month appointment.

Friday, November 07, 2008

funny rob

I wish I could tape record everything he funny.

This morning Rob said "look mom I can't see", then I went into the kitchen and he had smarties shoved way far into the inside of his ears. Ahhh. I immediately got them out and explained that he can't do that.

He always says "I so so mad"

But his little voice is so cute when he says it.

Then today Oliver got separated from me in Wal-mart. I turned around and there he was with the hugest tears in his eyes. He couldn't even speak...he really thought he lost me. That isn't very interesting...but it is so Oli. He is my careful child...Rob wouldn't even notice if I was separated from him...but Oli he gets so freaked.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I am sorry. I have nothing to post. I am sure you are all dying of anticipation as you wait to hear from me again. Hahaa. We are still here in Rexburg. This morning we are all feeling better. Everyone has been sick here except for my Mom in law...she woke up this morning feeling sick. Yuck. I kept starting to feel better and then one of my kids would throw up on me (from head to toe) and I would feel sick again. I am so grateful that we are better today though. I am ready to get out of the house. I have been listening to the 7th Harry Potter book. Oh how I love those books.

Since we haven't taken any pictures of us is one Cortney took before we were all barfing. This is our nephew Carson. He is such a fun person to photograph. How handsome right?

Man....when I put it in blogger this picture doesn't look the same....I am working on Cortney's laptop...and I don't know how to work it. ahhh...just imagine this picture really vibrant and not washed out as it looks.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Rob woke up in the night dry heaving. Then little Bodi was throwing up. Out of the 10 Boices staying at my in laws 7 are throwing up (or using the bathroom). We are all sick. I don't think I have ever experienced being sick with this many people before. Every couch is full...every blanket in use. Luckily we have heard this one only last 24 hours...we'll see.