Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are heading next week to Rexburg for Thanksgiving.  Cortney is available to take family pictures or pictures of your kids if anyone is interested.  

Oh...and I have been meaning to say that he took some cute pictures of Tiffany's extended family last week.  Go take a look.

You can email him at cortneyboice @ gmail dot com


Kimmy said...

Where are you going to be for Christmas? We are coming down to UT and I was thinking about having Elsie's two-year-old pictures done.

Kimmy said...
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Jeff Jewkes said...

I've had the pleasure of checking out your cb images blog from time to time ever since you acquired your new camera gear. I think your photographs are consistently outstanding in composition, exposure and development. I'm telling you right now, in my opinion, I think this could be your life's calling. I know going into business, as a photographer, can be daunting and overwhelming. I know there can be significant risks involved. I have no idea if this is something you have considered or are considering. But on the talent side, I believe you have it. . . If you're ever in Northern Colorado please stop by to visit Andrea, Zac and I. You and your family are always welcome here. As I find it nearly impossible to take high quality promotion pictures of me (by myself) for music/photography bio's, press, etc., I'd be happy and honored to hire you for that purpose. Wishing you and your family a great weekend.