Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So a year ago yesterday we left on our unforgettable trip to Guatemala and Mexico. All week long I have been reminiscing about how great it was. Even as I went through the pictures to find some to post, my heart was racing. I love all of the pictures we have because it takes me back through the trip. I had the best time. It was so fun to be traveling with Cortney....without our kids. Usually when we travel we are either, skimping on our accommodations, sharing a room, or not eating every meal to save money. This trip was so great because everything was super nice and all of the food was included. Plus we got our very own room which was fun. I also loved of course learning we got to do. The TOUR format was awesome for us...I loved just going where we were told and not having to worry about getting lost or having to negotiate. All of that kind of stuff. It was also a huge bonus to go with a bunch of awesome people. Sorry this sounds like I am bragging...really I am not. Just reminding myself what a fun trip it was. (plus I hardly was able to post any pictures last year because we headed strait to Mazatlan)
This is probably one of the only pictures of both Cortney and I where we are in focus. Hhahaha. This is us in Tikal.

We had such a great time with Justin and Angelique. This is us being cool in Quetzaltenango.

I loved this of Cort right after he got poo'ed on by a bird. Hahaa.

I love love this picture. Me, my Mom and my Aunt Vicki. We are actually on top of a HUGE pyramid/ruin. Notice my hand that is going behind me...I was holding on to the wall....I was so terrified up there. My stomach just got nervous just thinking about it.

Just a picture of my dad telling what I am sure is a sweet story at a delish pollo restaurant in Antigua.
Angelique and I showing off our earrings which we bought for like a dollar and at the time thought that was is funny how foreign currency messes up your brain.

I love this picture of this lady doing my hair. You can see on her head how they all wear their hair. My dad paid the lady to do mine.

A tinsy LDS church somewhere in Guatemala. Isn't that awesome. Makes me proud to be a part of that church.

Happy Birthday to my bestest Laura Lei. I miss you.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...


Laura Lei said...

I miss you too. Love you.

Angelique said...

Oh that trip was so great with you guys! One thing -- I really need to take lessons from you on modeling..eek! Can't wait to hang out Saturday.

Melissa B. said...

I love the picture of you and your mom pointing. That is so your hand expression. See you Tomorrow ! I can't believe this trip was a year ago.

The Kraus House said...

Next time you guys go We are in!!

love nat

The Kraus House said...

Next time you guys go We are in!!

love nat

mumovearls said...

I love looking at pictures from trips that we have been on. Part of my heart always stays in the Latin countries that we have traveled.-Nena

Sherry Ward said...

Fun! I LOVE looking back at pics from trips! Sometimes though, it makes me sad all over again that it's in the past. Yeah for great pics though! The one of you and Cort is adorable!

lysh said...

I want to do that trip so bad!! I just think there is so much to learn.

Gramyflys said...

The thing I liked the most about your trip to Guatamala was that I got to spend some quality time getting to know your two precious offspring! We sure had fun with them for a few days. I love it when they still call me Gramy.