Saturday, November 29, 2008

kung fu

So one week and no posts...I think that might be a record for me.  We have been in Rexburg this week for the holiday.  

Rob has been obsessed with Tai Lung (the bad guy) from the Kung Fu Panda.  He pretends that he is "Tai Lone"  all day long.  Last night when I tried to get his coat on so we could go over to Tyler and Nicole's Rob said "Mom Tai Lone not wear coats, Tai Lone wear boobs like you do"

Um....I guess he thinks Tai Lone's pecks some how resemble mine???  Who knows?

Rob just came up to see this picture on the computer and said "Tai lone don't have shirt he have boobs."  Then I said "Tai Lone doesn't have boobs"  then Rob said "nipples"

What in the world.  I better just leave it at that.  Oh boy. 


Camille said...

No wonder they had fun visiting- Kung Fu Panda & all of the no-shirted glory of Tai Lone (Tyrone according to my kids), was playing on the tv downstairs.
It was so good to see you. Sorry- no breakfast plans- my kids ended up getting sick. We are still here, but not going far.

Cali said...

You need to teach him another word to describe the hunkiness that is Tai about telling Rob that he has "muscles". Miss you.

mumovearls said...

Hilarious! this is why I love R.O.B.-n

Christensen's said...

That is halarious! When are you coming home? We miss you :)

Earl Family said...

Ok that's funny. I loved that movie. Hope you are having a good vacation. We miss you.