Friday, November 07, 2008

funny rob

I wish I could tape record everything he funny.

This morning Rob said "look mom I can't see", then I went into the kitchen and he had smarties shoved way far into the inside of his ears. Ahhh. I immediately got them out and explained that he can't do that.

He always says "I so so mad"

But his little voice is so cute when he says it.

Then today Oliver got separated from me in Wal-mart. I turned around and there he was with the hugest tears in his eyes. He couldn't even speak...he really thought he lost me. That isn't very interesting...but it is so Oli. He is my careful child...Rob wouldn't even notice if I was separated from him...but Oli he gets so freaked.


Cali said...

Hey, this is Cali and Tyson, looking at your blog. Rob is so funny. Remeber when Jack put the bead up his nose? We sure miss you.

lysh said...

I love reading the posts about the funny things kids say! Seriously it makes me want to have kids just to tell everyone the histerical things they say. I understand about not having any phone minutes. Call me whenever or if you can't just drop me an email. Just want to help if we can!

Kristy said...

Rob is hilarious, my personal favorite is when he tells Caroline "you're a bad bad boy". Classic. Hey I tagged you, I don't know if you've already done it yet though.