Monday, November 10, 2008

my baby...

is three today (okay okay...tomorrow...but we didn't have time for a party tomorrow).

He was so bad today too. Fighting so much. Aye. At the store he cried so hard because I wasn't buying him a present right then.

It is nice to be home...and back to my normal routine.

So to all of our friends and family that weren't invited to this party...don't feel bad. It was last minute...and I didn't want to have to deal with a whole bunch of kids (no offense). I also didn't want for people to feel like they had to bring him a present . Plus I decided at like 2:00 p.m. to have the party today.

I scrounged around Cali's house to see what decorations I could find. Rob wanted a STARS and CIRCLES birthday party. I have no idea why. But he has been telling me that for months. His birthday is the last out of all the cousins here. So he has waited patiently through a whole bunch of parties for his. (I used up all the construction paper I had...only the unpopular colors left)

Rob's stars and circles cake. It turned out so cute. I bought those fruit roll up stackers , 2 of circles and one pack of stars. When I got them home from the store and opened them both packs were stars (even though on the pack the picture was definitely a circle) and they didn't look like stars at all...just big blobs...more like a house shape. So I spent probably an hour re-cutting them with a sharp knife into real stars and circles. What a pain. It was the only thing Rob wanted specifically though so I had to come through.
real cute.

Rob has great cheeks.

We made a jello poke cake. We always had those when I was litle...but I don't think I have ever made one as a grown up. So yummy. Plus Oliver doesn't like frosting so the cool whip topping was a real hit with him. All of the kids loved it and ate almost the whole cake.

Opening presents. All he cared about.

Bubbles and a book from Grandma Aha. I told him to smile at the camera...this is his fake smile.

Whenever I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would say a slinky and a yo-yo. Cali and kids hooked him up. (and it isn't very easy to find a real slinky).

An Indiana Jones whip from Grandma Connie (and Grandpa Doug). He loves it so much. Although he did whip Grace right when I opened it. (luckily for her it is soft)
Also from my parents 2 pairs of pants and a shirt.

Last but not least the color wonder magic paint set from Grandma and Grandpa Boice. He has been asking for this for a month. He has already painted a couple of masterpieces. It is a really cool set...and the paintbrush lights up whatever color you are painting. He loves it.

Phewww I am glad the whole party thing is over.

He is a cute little boy...and the apple of my eye. But man that kid is really loud, and he really likes to fight. His favorite color is blue, his favorite shows are Dragon Tales, Calliou (ick...I know), He loves loves slinkys. His favorite food is basically anything....probably spaghetti. Every day after school he askes Oli "how was your school today?", and yesterday when he was mad at Oliver he said "Fine Oli, I am not going to be your boyfriend anymore". All day he kept saying "this is going to be the best party ever".

Tomorrow, we go for both of the kids to get their shots updated. Yeah. I haven't taken them to a doctors appointment since Rob's 18 month appointment.


Cali said...

looks like a rager. Luckily, in pictures you don't have to "hear" the party. These kids are loud.

Christensen's said...

I seriously can't believe that you didn't invite me...just teasing. Anyway, I completely forgot that it is Rob's birthday tomorrow. I will see if I can find someone else to watch my kids. If I can't, I'll just do it another day. Don't worry about watching them. Thanks for being willing though. Tell Rob Happy Birthday from us!

Melissa B. said...

He is so cute. My Bowen is a loud talker, like his dad, although the big one is getting better. I have a love, hate with 3 year olds. But a fun age.

Samantha said...

that cake looks so awesome. I'm really missing my family lately. I love that little rob. And another funny note is CC in the background of all these pictures, she's really telling a story with her facial expressions.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...


Berta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY R.O.B.-ster . . . Grandpa and I will call tonight. Looks like you had a fun party and WHAT A CUTE CAKE! How fun to party with your cousins and your parents. You got some gnarley gifts - come play at 'my' house! ! ! . . .especially IF you got chocolate! Can't believe it's been that long - seems like yesterday!

mumovearls said...

I love ROB. He is still my Boyfriend! ps: LOVE that Cake!-Nena

lysh said...

I can just picture you trying to reshape those fruit roll-ups with a knife. You are pretty hard core!

Angelique said...

Happy birthday, R.O.B.! Great cake--love all those colors on the white. I can't believe you spent time cutting out those shapes.

Isaac and Linh said...

Rob!! Happy Birthday kid! we havent seen you guys in awhile, we will have to soon!