Monday, September 15, 2008

My first bake sale

One of the things that goes along with having a child in school is school functions. Today was the PTA Carnival fund raiser at Oliver's school. The kids were so excited all day. We went this morning to drop off our food for the bake sale (Molasses Cookies...and I must say they were one of the first things to go. They were so good. ). While we were at the school this morning we bought our dinner tickets and the event tickets. Rob had to hold them almost the whole morning. He just couldn't wait for the carnival to start, although...he happened to think it was called a purpleade (parade). All four of us went for a great Family night out. It was a great night.

Rob while we were waiting in line for one of the games.

Rob and Oliver in the donut eating contest. They were hilarious. I have always thought that Rob could have a good career in competitive eating...but I am sorry to say he was the last one eating the donut tonight.

The hardest part was picking a prize after ever event. kids would want to look at every single item in the box. But I will say they came away with a great haul...they had tons of fun little toys.

Rob and Me...walking around

A picture of Cortney to prove he was there too. I want him to get points for this someday.

Oliver's teacher was in the dunk tank. Oliver took this headband/"sweatband" out of his pocket as it got closer to his turn to try and knock her in the water. This kid is all business.

He was ready to knock her in...
Oh man can you see the was sooo close all three times.

He didn't hit it but since Miss PJ was his teacher he got to go press the paddle to dunk her.
Here she goes...

Ohhh I felt so bad for her.

Oliver got soaked. He couldn't believe it.

Playing with one of his prizes...a mini skateboard.

It was a great night! Go Cubs! I love how I am holding Rob to the drinking fountain in the backround. Man I spend so much time doing this. ROB CAN DRINK. He was drinking a minute straight (or so it seemed).

Oh...and I wanted to add...Oliver says miss PJ is the best teacher ever. I am so happy he thinks so.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

cool guys

{natalie} said...

ok i love the yellow headband!! he looks awesome.

Berta said...

My two favorites: TEACHER DUNKING (what a brave lady!) and DONUT EATING CONTEST - how fun is that and so easy! Everything was GREAT! Kudos for Cortney showing up! Fun post! This is one of my FAVORITE AGES when the kids are starting school and can be involved in the 'fun' of it!

vjc said...

looks like some serious fun.