Sunday, September 21, 2008

grand slam

We had a great weekend.

Cortney got to go to the game again with Ethan this week...lucky.
Cali and I watched the game at her house. It is hard to pay attention when you have 6 kids to watch. But we won. And it wasn't even it wasn't too stressful watching the kids.

After the game we wanted to get out and do something. I decided we should go to Denny's
I know...Denny's is a funny place to go. was one of our families favorite restaurants when we were little. It is where we went when we went to a really "nice" restaurant. I crave it sometimes. Plus on Saturdays (and Tuesdays) after 4:00 p.m. you can get two kids meals for free with every adult entree. So Cali and I packed up all six kids and met Cortney over there. And for all 9 of us to get filled to the brim it was 16 dollars and change. cannot beat that. It was so yummy. And so funny to see the kids go crazy for their jr. grand slams. When I am pregnant I want Denny's breakfast...everyday. My mom took me once when I was pregnant with Rob...and she couldn't believe how much I ate. So good.

Then tonight we headed up to Cameron's house for dinner. He made some delicious enchiladas and I brought rolls and zucchini and some peach cobbler. It was all very yummy and we always have the best time when we go up there. I love them. They have the most beautiful house...and it is right next to the Draper temple. We all went for a walk...

Me and Oli...(I dread the day when he doesn't come and hold my hand).

Cam is so good with my kids.

Such a pretty temple. Rob screams look mom a temple EVERY single time we drive past a church...which here in Utah is every minute. Then I say no honey it is a church. He won't believe me. Tonight he was SOOOO excited to see the real temple and to see the angel Moroni on top. Although he did say to me..."mom the angel is naked". Hummm.

Please notice my beautiful husband minus the mustache. Ohhhh when he shaves it off it makes me so happy. He seriously looks about 20 years younger and about 20 times less creepy.

Oliver spying on some kids we saw on our walk.

Cam is looking at buying a house in his neighborhood and this is what the backyard backs up to. I don't think I have ever seen something so beautiful. Wow. How would it be to wake up to that everyday??


Supercords said...

Cort, I think you're beautiful with or without the mustache.

But not with that flower. That's just gay :)

Berta said...

Ohhhhh, THANKS for all the fun pictures! I LOVE it when you go there too - Cam 'needs' you guys and he LOVES your kids so much! Isn't it the most beautiful setting?! I MISS SO MUCH being with you guys and watching the boys grow up . . . thank goodness for BLOGS! Thanks for sharing - thanks for the pics!
I LOVE Denney's too and have lots of memories there too - yummm, their pancakes and bacon!