Tuesday, September 09, 2008

burn...or as Rob would say Buhhhnnn

Today we were in Macey's enjoying ice cream cones...and Cortney said
"hey do you know who sings this song"
Ash: "Madonna" (after a couple of seconds contemplation)
Cortney: "why don't we keep it that way"

Ohhh burn. Man I forgot all about that burn.
Good one Cort.


Scott said...

ooooh face!

Supercords said...

Well played Cort. Well played.

Adri said...

Seriously old school.

sherry ward said...

HAHAHAHAHA... Nice!! That's just funny! Long story about being a house wife, if I am there tonight at YW,I'll tell ya! Either way, this change is happiness. =)

mumovearls said...

Ohhhhhh... man that hurts!-n