Monday, September 22, 2008


Oliver told me

"two girls told me they loved me today at school."

I kinda just told him that girls are like that...always loving people...and stuff. (I don't know what to say...I am sure my mom would have an idea at what to say)

Then he went to tell Cortney and he said

"two girls told me they loved me today at school, One girl also said....oh nevermind."

What?? I asked Cortney why he didn't pry it out of Oliver...but I guess it just isn't Cortney's style. (although in the meanwhile...I am dying to know what the girl also said)

Can you blame those girls??


lindsay>boo said...

Those are some smart girls. Your kids are gorgeous. Oli's going to be a heartbreaker when he's a teenager!

gramyflys said...

I love that little face, too, so you can make that THREE girls!
Gramy Emig

vjc said...

Ashley! I fed your Peach crepes to Sunday company who had just returned from France. They said they could be sold on the streets of Paris they were so good. Thanks for helping me perpetrate the myth that I can cook.

mumovearls said...

No because I Love him!-nena

Allison said...

Okay Ashley I stink for never commenting so here I am (your cousin, you know?). Anyway, I made those crepes a few weeks ago too. Fresh peaches, and tried it with a banana too. Yum!