Tuesday, September 02, 2008

lice check

Oliver came home today and said that someone came in and checked all of the kids in his class for little bugs that get in your hair. They didn't have to check his because he has such short hair. Hahaa. I thought it was so funny. I remember getting lice checks...and praying that I wouldn't have any lice. I remember sometimes a girl would immediately get sent home and everyone knew that she had lice. I also loved the way the wooden stick they used felt...one time we asked if we could keep the stick and we kept checking each other on recess. They also did a hearing test on him...he said it was "super easy".

I am a little concerned because I keep asking Oliver "what did you learn today???" To this he always replies..."nothing. Teacher said this isn't a school for learning this is a school for fun". I don't know if she is trying to trick them into learning or something. But I told him "when your teacher says that say...my mom wants me to learn"...hahaha I know, I know. Anyways the strange thing is his teacher is in my ward...her house is almost directly behind mine. And this month I got assigned as her visiting teacher. I never knew her before Oliver was put in her class...I didn't even know she was a teacher. So who knows??

He did say to me on the way to the dinosaur museum as we saw the windmills "windmills generate electricity"...when I asked him where he learned that he said "school". hummm.


Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Learning can be fun! LOVE MOM

Angelique said...

I don't think I knew that windmills generated electricity until I was like...well, let's not say how old, but older than Oliver.

angie said...

oh the lice checks! totally remember those. and the scoliosis checks, although I had no idea what scoliosis was.