Friday, December 19, 2008

Ugly sweater party

Last night we went to an ugly sweater party at our friends Ethan and Natalie's.
We had a lot of fun. I made my hair super big with crispy crunchy 90's style curls. I almost cut my bangs so I could make the "claw" bangs....
I really wanted my bangs like this picture but...they are a little too long and I thought I might seem a little crazy if I cut my hair for a joke people might not get. I had an awesome tucked in denim shirt and big hair, and make up just like I used to wear when I was like 13. (tons of eyeliner top and bottom)...anyways I was really scared that I would get to the party and no one would get it. I am friends with the hosts but they were the only people that we really knew. Hopefully people realized that in real life I usually don't wear bright magenta lipstick. Anyways here is my glamor shot from the night...
cheesy...I love it.
Our hosts...yum the food was so good. (that just reminds me)

This is Cortney after the party picking up our kids from Cali's house. WE NEVER GET PICTURES I insisted we get one. I love love how we both are popping a knee out and we didn't even plan it that way. Our feet are in the exact same postion. Awesome. I was going to wear leggings with big socks and penny loafers but I didn't have time to pull it together.

Cortney wore that sweatshirt all day yesterday. The whole day. And surprisingly this morning he woke up and put it on and wore it the whole day.

After the party we stopped by Walmart because I had to get some stuff for Oliver's class Christmas party (I was in charge...stress) and EVERYONE was staring at me. Looking me up and down. It really felt weird. Then a teenage girl was whispering frantically to her friend as I walked by "hurry hurry look at that lady"...then I turned to her and said "it was for a costume party!" and she said embarassed, "ohhh...ha ha ha".

****Update on Rob:

He had 3 stitches (my first stitches as a mother) and they couldn't really tell if his finger was broken or not (um...aren't you doctors??). Someone else is going to look at it tomorrow and give us a call. They put it in a splint (which fell off like 15 minutes after Rob got home...he was trying to be tough like Tai Lung and fight Oliver). He has an antibiotic to take so it doesn't get infected. He was a pretty tough guy at the doctors he cried real hard during his 4 numbing shots but just watched patiently while they stitched him up. I was glad Cortney was there to take him because that kind of thing freaks me out. I will post pictures tomorrow. ( i left cortney's camera at cali's)

Oh Cortney had a couple of pictures of him at the doctors. You can't really see anything here but this is my little guy getting stitches.
Too cute. poor baby.

Oliver has been saying the cutest things EVER. Hopefully I can remember some tomorrow because I have more to post about from today.


Supercords said...

Your Ugly Sweater Party post coincides with a recent post on

That comment seemed more interesting in my head.

amber said...

Ash, the exact same thing just happened to Everett's finger! He couldnt get stiches because of where it was cut but it was cut to the bone, his finger is still soo swollen, it sucked so bad when I had to pull it out of the hinge- I hate when kids get hurt! ps the 80's look is a good look for you, I think you look hot.

amber said...

one more thing, to bad you and cort didn't have matching jean shirts and had your pictures back to back with your arms folded.

{natalie} said...

i am really glad you guys came. and dressed up. i am surprised you were getting looks at walmart, i thought your look was hot.

aussie hair spray reminds me of the claw! i would to my friend's house before school and she would do my bangs and then spray w/some aussie.

poor rob. that is so crappy that he got stitches. i would be so freaked out, good thing cort was there to take him.

how long is this comment, jeez!

{natalie} said...

ps. your glamour shot is cracking me up. i love the elbow on the knee....classic.

sherry ward said...

And yet you STILL look gorgeous! I love the pic of the two of you. SO classy.

Adri said...

Seriously hot.

I hope the finger is okay. Good thing your hubby was around. I am really queasy and would probably pass our four times having to watch one of my kids go through that.

Isaac and Linh said...

Hey ashley you look really great in the pic with the tree...nice shot! hope your feeling better. let us know if you need anything.
and poor little robbie I really miss that kid! merry christmas hope you guys have fun in idaho. we love you.

Isaac and Linh said...
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