Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving in the Burg

We had a great time in Rexburg. I have been there so much lately it is crazy. The first couple of nights we spent the night at Tyler and Nicole's. We love them. I have always been really close to Tyler and I couldn't be happier with his choice of wife. We really are know??

While we were there we played Monopoly every night. Ty and Nic don't have CABLE OR INTERNET (what???) so we really had to resort to good ole' fashioned fun. Ty won every single game. It was crazy. Finally after 4 games I beat him...I won and he came in second.

Nicole and I went to see Twilight 2 more times. It got better each time. It was so fun and indulgent to go. The first time we took our mother in law and Grandma with us. Then Cortney the second time (he liked it by the way).

Thanksgiving dinner was so YUMMY. I ate until I was stuffed. We ate out at Shawn and Kandee's house which is beautiful and so cozy. It was just a great get together.

Here I am snuggled up with Rob. He kept falling asleep every time we went some where in the car. Driving to all the different sibling houses takes forever and there is no stopping or anything to look at apart from fields so he would zonk out every time. This picture was right before dinner.

The last time we were up in Rexburg I challenged everyone to and Indian leg wrestle. Last time I dominated, beating everyone...even Cortney. And trust me all my sister in laws are super tough and work out and stuff. But still my long chicken legs beat them all. So here I am all puffed up and confident when my bro Shawn just slammed me it was nothin'. It was sure funny though. I love my faces.
My father in law Bob is so awesome with my kids. This trip he took my kids with Cortney to go climb the R butte. Now when I was in college boys used to ask me on dates to do that kind of thing and I refused. I thought it sounded pretty hard (I have never really been one for hiking...unless I have a four wheeler). My kids however made it all the way to the top. Oliver was pretty scared of heights so Bob had to hold his had the whole way. What a good grandpa! He also watched them while we went to Twilight and they walked from their house to the Temple...which is super far. My kids thought it was awesome and have talked about those trips every day since we have been home.
Oli let go for one second to enjoy the rocks.

At the top (I assume...not sure though having never been).

Rob wasn't scared at all. He ran ahead the whole time. Cortney kept having to yell for him to slow down.
Look at that cute kid.

Anyways. It was a great time. The weather was unseasonably warm (although still cold). Thanks to Ty and Nicole and Mom and Dad Boice for letting us crash at your houses.


mumovearls said...

ok you must be posting right now too, because your blog keeps changing! Love all these pictures, though my fav is you and Rob snuggling... Can I just say how beautiful you are? wow-

Kimmy said...

You guys always have the best pictures! Glad you had a nice time in Rexburg.

{natalie} said...

the pictures are great. your boys are so cute. i especially love the leg wrestling ones. i will not challenge you to a wrestle, i would lose.

Peggy Dee said...

Loved hearing about your trip and the pictures. How nice to have 2 awesome grandpas in your kids's lives! Love you guys.

Samantha said...

those wrestles pictures are hilarious.

amber said...

Was Rob hiking in crocs? Now that takes talent.

amber said...

Was Rob hiking in crocs? Now that takes talent.

Whitney Amelia said...

look at those hikers. how fun is that i wished i could have been there! the pics are greatness i heart the ones of gramps and your boys.
oh, and i want a rematch at christmas on the indian leg wrestling match!
on a more serious note.....
hope your feeling o.k. ash,
you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cali said...

The pictures are are so lucky to have Cort to document your lives in such a beautiful way.