Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holiday fun

So I don't know how to post this picture with out putting it on super small....but I wanted the sequence so you could see Oli flying through the air thanks to his uncle Cameron.  Click on it to see it a little bigger. 

We are back from our Christmas break.  We had a great time.  Tyler and Nicole hosted us.  We always have a blast when we stay with them and they always take really good care of us.  We arrived Dec 23rd in the evening.  Along with the holidays came the worst winter weather I have seen in a long time.  It was a stressful drive up but we made it up safely.  The boys were so excited to play in the snow.  

On Christmas eve we woke up and headed over to Grandma's house (as in Grandma Berta not Grandma Great).  The kids spent the WHOLE day outside with their cousins and Cortney.  I made homemade hot chocolate and bonded INSIDE with the babies Bodin and Cooper.  I couldn't believe how long the kids lasted outside.  Cortney made a huge snow fort for them to play in.  And of course I don't have a picture of it but I do however have many sledding pictures...enjoy....

Kelton getting some air.

I love it when Cortney is all dressed up in his outdoors clothes.  He is just so cute to me.

Rob zoned out

I think I lasted a whole 2 minutes before I went inside...and that is even with a poof coat on.  It is COLD in Rexburg. 

Leah and Rob.

Rob kept eating the icicles off of Griffin's bus.  Yuck.  



Rob and Cooper.

So there you have day one of our vacation.  I will post the rest of the trip but my hands can't take anymore typing tonight. 


Sherry Ward said...

First of all, your header is HILARIOUS! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun too! These pics are awesome. I can show you how to expand your blog so you can post bigger pics if you want.

HEATHER D said...

So cute! It was really great to see you guys again. The boys can't stop talking about Rob and Oli. They had so much fun. Also, they are begging me to snowboard off the roof. They think Uncle Cortney is the RADEST thing alive. Hope to see you soon. We will come and visit you guys.

Camille said...

Love the header. So funny. What a bunch of cute photos- as always.