Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gone for so long

My mom called me today to make sure everything was okay...she was wondering why it had been so long since I had posted on my blog. Everyday I keep I should post. But nothing has really been going on. And man that neck injury really threw me for a loop. It has been hard coming back from that. HOWEVER....

Last night was the ward (our neighborhood's church) Christmas party. I am really getting to love my ward. Cortney and I have never felt at home in a ward since we have been married. This is the first one that we actually know almost everybody. It feels nice. Here are some pictures from the black and white because the lighting was so bad...

It always amazes me how big Rob's eyes are...I mean my eyes are so squinty. We had a yummy dinner of turkey and ham and all the trimmin's
We took Jack with us because he had to miss his Christmas party. He said it was "kinda fun, kinda borin"...I loved it because Oli had someone to run the halls with.

Oli (he is growing his hair out...sigh...I wish he would let me shave his head...he has thick hair like my brother Ike, it has a mind of it's own.)

Rob made his "embarassed" face when he got caught putting tons and tons of butter on his roll. We all started laughing and he made this face for like a whole minute.

After dinner we traveled to different rooms to see different parts of the nativity and sing songs. I love having children at Christmas It really makes it so much fun. I love teaching my children about the birth of Christ. (although Oliver let me know baby Jesus was number one important and the second most important thing about Christmas was getting presents...ahhhh....I tried to explain to him otherwise but I think it is hard to get that out of a little boys head.)

After the nativity they had the kids come up and sing. Rob for some reason thought it was his "job" to go and sit by the pianist. He was so serious. He would just sit there silently and then when the song ended he would come back to me and then when the next song would start up again he would go back and sit by her. I asked him why he was going up there to sit by her and he said "because I have to". Too cute.

After the ward party we headed over to Cali's and she had gotten a babysitter so we all went out to the Club (thanks joe...even though I am pretty sure you don't read this). It was so fun...we never go out with them because we are their babysitter and they are ours.

Other then that we had a great Sunday. I am feeling so much better. I will try to keep the posts coming this week...I really want to post some before pictures from the re-siding job we are doing on our house....and hopefully (ohhh fingers crossed and let us have a Christmas miracle) that I will have some AFTER pictures before Christmas. We will see about that though.


amber said...

I loved the picture of Rob at the piano, just doing his duty i guess. we miss you guys, sean and I need to make a trip to utah!

Melissa B. said...

I love Rob's pouty face.

Kimmy said...

I was wondering where you were as well. cute pictures!