Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oliver's Christmas party

I was asked if I would be in charge of Oliver's preschool Christmas party. Um...that is very overwhelming for me. I don't think I am someone with very good ideas when it comes to this kind of thing...but after a little research and the help of some other mom's it turned out so cute. First I had the kids make reindeer food. They decorated ziplock bags with stickers and then filled them with oats and glitter. I found a really cute poem online to go along with it. We read stories and then I had brought a christmas bingo game that cali had found. The website we got it off of was said how many squares you wanted and what theme and they randomly generated however many cards you needed.
I pasted them on red poster board and got pepermint m&m's for the markers. It turned out really cute. Really if you ever have to do a game for a kids party this website is awesome. I was so relieved that Cali found this because I was going to have to draw the pictures myself. (she found the site at 10 pm the night before the party...yeah I am a procrastinator). Anyways we had a couple of other activities. I love any chance I get to go help in Oli's class. The kids are all so cute...and they love me...which helps.
Story time.

They also played musical pictures and when the music stoped you got prizes depending on what picture you were on.

At the end of the party one of the mom's had a bag of oranges and the kids got one after they said their favorite thing about Christmas. Every kid was saying "PRESENTS" and things like that and when it was Oliver's turn he said "Celebrating the Holiday's" (In a real quiet shy voice). I was so proud...even though I know he probably wanted to say PRESENTS it made my heart so happy to hear his answer. Good job Oli.


{natalie} said...

oli is so cute. i have been looking for mint m&m's everywhere...where did you find them? i am going to check out that website


ashleyboice said...

I got the peppermint m&M's at the walmart in springville they had tons.

Christensen's said...

That is so cute that he said celebrating the holidays! He is such a stud...he is going to be trouble with the ladies! Thanks for the bread and reindeer food...loved it!

The Kraus House said...

Hey I helped out at Ella's Party.
It really is fun, huh? Sorry about the whole Klim thing, who knows whats going on in Pauls mind. We love you guys call us if you come up. And keep us posted on your situation.

much luv nat

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...