Sunday, September 01, 2013

Grandma Alice turns 90!

In September Cort's grandma Alice turned 90 years old.  My mother in Law planned the best surprise for her.

We got into Rexburg the day of the surprise and had to stop at Walmart for a second.  As I was leaving Roberta said "I hope you don't see Alice there! What are you going to do if you see her??"  I told her there was no way she was going to see us at Walmart…but sure enough as we were leaving the parking lot we walked right in front of our Grandma also coming out of walmart.  She stood there open mouthed and asked us what we were doing there.  I just straight up lied….I told her we were there for a wedding and that we didn't want anyone in the family to know we were there because we didn't have time to see them.  She was mad and told us if we didn't tell bob and Roberta that we were there then she would.  haha.  It was crazy and almost ruined the surprise.  Luckily she bought it.  

I only have my cell phone pictures.  Boo. 

WE waited at the church for her to come and she was so surprised.  

The dinner was catered by taco time. YUM. 

 Beautiful Alice.  We have always been good friends. 

The rest of the time we were there we had a BOICE family reunion.  It was a blast.  

We went to Rigby lake for the day and just had the best time. Every part was awesome…Roberta did the best job planing it. 

We had paddle boards and boats.  Super big twister. Fires, bubble gum.  Lots of fun. 

 We stopped at gringos before we left town.  My favorite. 

I love my Boice family so much. 

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