Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moth invasion

During August…something horrible happened. (mildly horrible…kinda)

My downstairs neighbor came upstairs in July and told me that there were tons of MOTHS flying around their apartment.  I figured that wasn't normal and looked it up online and sure enough they were pantry moths and it was SERIOUS.  I was freaking out trying to get a hold of our landlords but they were out of town.  About a month later I opened my pantry and a single moth flew out.  I looked around and there was another one!!!! I freaked out I was crying and steaming mad.  I called Cortney and he called the landlords.  It was horrible.  To get rid of the moths we had to throw out all of our food that wasn't in a sealed jar or can. ALL OF IT.  Like huge boxes of brownies from costco all of it.  It was horrible.  Cali came over and helped me bleach everything.  I was losing it so she really was a hero coming over and helping me. 

On all my sealed cans we had to remove the label and bleach the outside.  

Here are the kids removing the labels. 

  After we threw everything out we had the pest control guy come.  He came I think five times.  Once a month until January.  It was a big deal and cost the landlord a lot.  

It was gross.  

It is one of the reasons you can't store flour and grains long term. 
I don't store food for a long time because we rotate our food but the lady downstairs has quite the year storage of pretty perishable items.  She took out like 30 big boxes of food. 

More football…it's really gorgeous here.

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