Sunday, September 01, 2013

September week 1

September looks pretty uneventful in pictures. 

Here are some random pictures from my phone. 

 Here are my kids and Cali's along with dexter and Dougie.  I can't remember if this was during Marion's Chemo or maybe it was a surgery.  

 Look how chaotic it looks. 

 Cali and I went to lunch one day when Tyson was home sick from school.  BEST PART of having older kids. 

 Dexter.  He is awesome.  

 Dougie and Henry have a great time together. 

 I took Henry to a PTA meeting he was one of the only kids there and it was pretty hectic. 

Grandparents day with Robert.  I was the only non grandparent there.  Weird. 

I don't even know what happened here but it looks painful. 

 In September Henry and Fiona started at Miss Stacy's Going Places Preschool.  It has been the best thing ever.  They love it. 
Picture overload.  

I couldn't go to drop them off that day because Theo had Kids on the Move. Cali took a lot of pictures for me so I wouldn't miss this huge milestone. 

 She told him to do a pose to show off his outfit.  Gotta love boys!!

 The theme this year is Super Kiddos!

Miss Stacy. 

This is the picture I took after Henry ran out after the first day of preschool.  Success!

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