Friday, September 27, 2013

Earl Girl reunion

In september we had the 3rd BIANNUAL Earl girl reunion.  Even though this was the third one I HAVE NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT ANY OF THEM!!!! The first one I was sick pregnant with Henry, the second one I was almost due with Theo.  I have to blog about this though because these weekends away with my cousins are some of the best times of my life.  I love it so much.  We had the best time. 

 Cali, Sam, Angelique and I drove up together we met Sam's sister Keri in Salt Lake and went to eat at the Dodo.  It was delicious. 

I took these pictures from Myca's blog and they aren't in order. :(  But I know we can't get the idea anyways. 

The group. What a great bunch of ladies.  I love them all so much and I am always so impressed with all of our amazing in-laws.  We are a loud group of women and I would think it be pretty intimidating coming into this crowd as an in-law…but no all of these girls fit right in and it is such a good way to really get to know them.  I don't know any family like ours…we have a pretty unique situation with how close we are to each other…and the sacrifice we all make to get together.  I think if I did the math correctly at the time of this picture all together we have 48 children!!!!!  Wow. 

This time we planned meals by family and we didn't leave the condo's the whole time.  We stayed at Wolf Creek Resort in Eden Utah (think…haha).  We were split over 3 or 4 condos and would all get together and eat, laugh, and play games. 

 Gaming it up. 
(Kacey had like a 5 day old baby…talk about sacrifice to get together)

Group pictures from the last day
 Doug Earl family (minus Linh) we had just woken up and most of us have no make up and about 2 hours of sleep. haha. 

 Tami Bates family.  Where are you ANGIE??

 David Earl family. 
 Jeff Earl family

Tom Earl family

 We made soups for our night. 

Myca and Mandi did our nails for hours.  I can't even imagine how exhausting that would be. 

Angelique and I shared a tiny full bed, Sam and Allie shared an even smaller hide-a-bed and Cali and KaeLynn shared a enormous king sized bed.  We came back to our condo and would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning and then separate to our beds and stay up even longer. Here I am one morning after too little sleep.  I stayed in Pajamas the whole time. 

Sam and Allie in their tiny bed. 

It was the best weekend ever.  I am so grateful for all of my cousins and sisters and I love them all so much. 

Thanks KACEY for setting the whole thing up. 

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